A Guide to Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch

If you have been paying attention to the world of mobile gaming lately, you have likely heard recent Pokémon GO news. With exciting gameplay elements like trading, friendship, and gifting, developer Niantic Labs has dropped a bunch of new features into trainers’ laps. Many gamers have long clamored for these additions, which aim to draw trainers back into the fold. This guide will teach you how to play Pokemon GO on the Apple Watch.

pokemon go on the apple watch

As we know, however, a great exploration game requires mobility. Our phones are always on the go with us, ready to respond obediently to taps and gestures. However, one tool many trainers forget to consider is the Apple Watch. Without question, using Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch can make life much easier for players. The watch app’s many functions make exploration more efficient than ever before.

In the following guide, we will explain how to get started with Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch.

Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch: Initial Setup

First, make sure your iPhone is connected to your Apple Watch. This will allow Pokémon GO to transmit data between your Apple Watch and iPhone. This is crucial to allow for playability.

To connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone, open Settings and navigate to Bluetooth. Once you discover your wearable in the list of available devices, tap to pair them. Now that your devices can communicate, it is possible to play Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch.

Starting Your First Session

To ensure proper initial syncing of game data, make sure your phone is open to Pokémon GO. Launch the game on your Apple Watch as well. Once your Apple Watch connects with Pokémon GO on your iPhone, the watch will present you with some quick trainer information:

  1. Trainer level and XP progress bar
  2. Progress towards hatching your nearest egg
  3. A START prompt to begin a new playing session

In order to begin a new playing session, tap START. This will allow your Apple Watch to record game data. Note that your phone’s display does not need to be active to communicate with your Apple Watch from this point onward.

Player Information at Your Fingertips

After starting a new gaming session, Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch will present you with some helpful stats. As your watch tracks your trainer activity, these numbers will change accordingly:

  1. Distance walked in kilometers, total time played, and calories burned
  2. Your current buddy Pokémon
  3. Number of eggs within incubators
  4. Nearby Pokémon in range

From here, interacting with the Pokéverse will be your main focus!

Discovering and Spinning PokéStops

Playing Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch makes retrieving new items only a wrist turn away. Perhaps you want to leave your phone in your pocket and take in your surroundings. Maybe you are engaging in conversation with fellow trainers on the way to your next raid. Having your Apple Watch handy allows you to quickly access Stops without skipping a beat.

Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch allows trainers to:

  1. Be notified of nearby PokéStops with vibrating alerts
  2. Spin these PokéStops and earn items

When a Stop is within range, your Apple Watch will display a graphic. This graphic will also show the name of the nearby Stop. From here, scroll upwards on the screen to reveal two options: Get Items and Dismiss. If you want to exit instead of spinning, simply tap Dismiss. Tapping Get Items will reveal the familiar photo disk, which you can spin by swiping sideways. Spinning awards you with items, which Pokémon GO displays onscreen. Players can then return to the game by pressing the Close button.

You can view the items you gathered again by checking your journal, using your iPhone.

Locating Wild Pokémon

Your Apple Watch allows you to see nearby Pokémon, which can help preserve your phone’s battery. Instead of constantly checking your iDevice, you may monitor monsters in your area using your wrist. When playing Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch, your wearable will vibrate when new Pokémon are in range.

Please keep in mind that if you want to catch any Pokémon, you will have to jump into the game on your iPhone.

Pausing Your Session, and Quitting

Sometimes, you may want to put your Pokémon journey on hold after a while. Luckily, pausing your gaming session on Apple Watch is easy. Navigate to the far-left screen by swiping right – this will keep your session paused until you decide to pick back up.

Exiting your session is similar to pausing. Simply navigate to the same screen and press the End button in the center of the screen. Pokémon GO will show a summary of your progress, which can also be viewed on your iPhone. To view exercise statistics like calories burned and distance walked, open the Activity app.

Notifications and Final Notes

As mentioned, Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch will vibrate when you walk near a PokéStop or wild Pokémon. These notifications can be turned off by visiting the Settings pane on your watch, within the game. Though notifications are silent, your watch will still track things like egg distance and buddy candy earned.

You can also add Apple Watch complications to your Apple Watch home screen. Here, you can view your progress towards hatching eggs without entering the app.

If you experience any challenges with your Apple Watch and Pokémon GO, please visit Niantic’s support page for troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for reading, and good luck catching ’em all!

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