5+ Tips To Prevent Apple Watch Sensor From Burning Your Wrist

My Apple Watch 3 burned my wrist, waking me up at 4 am, damaging my watch, and bruising my wrist. It is out of warranty. Apple has refused to repair without cost to me. Has anyone had their watch burn their wrist?

Issues With Apple Watch Sensor Burning Wrist

That’s what happened to me from Apple’s watch. I got a burn in my hand, while doing sports, Apple’s service is very poor

האני זרקא

I had the same problem. I owned my watch for 3 years. Did all sorts of activities in it with no problem. Then one day. This occurred. Apple also say contact dermatitis however it felt more like a battery burn. I sold the watch and bought a Samsung. Not what I wanted. Apple suggested getting a cover but it was horrible.

Matt Lonergan

If it is burn you should feel heat. More likely your skin is sensitive to the light the sensors emit to measured pulse and other metrics. Like anything there will be some people that react adversely to products

Ray Stonecipher

My watch also “burnt” my wrist. (no pictures needed, I believe you).. It probably was more of an irritation than a burn. I blame it more on my skin than watch. I have been wearing AW since the OG and it only happened once. If it is out of warranty, I am not sure why you would think they would fix it for nothing?

Robert Pepe

Potential Causes behind Apple Watch Skin Burns

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I had this early on with Apple Watch series one. I googled it and most likely cause was salt crystals on the skin after sweating and drying, they stay between the watch and your skin and cause irritation when the strap or watch rubs you. I changed from a rubber strap and cleaned the watch and the area of skin it’s worn regularly. This sorted it. You’ll have to wear the watch on your other wrist for a few days. Try that and get into a routine of cleaning it before you go back to that wrist. Hope this helps.

Paul Tweedlie

That’s not from your watch in general may have gotten something on your skin and the watch being in contact irritaded your skin . Wash with a mild soap your arm and watch , when your wrist returns to normal try the watch again

Gary Millington

Sweat under the watch. Are you wearing it too tightly? Do you clean the back of the watch with a Colton swab and rubbing alcohol to disinfect it?

Not all doctors know everything, they’re often wrong about a lot of things.

If it felt like it was burning it’s because it had moisture under it, yes it’s an electrical device. Electricity plus moisture = burning sensation and burnished mark.

More of a contact dermatitis issue…and not cleaning the back of your watch regularly.

Got a physician sitting next to me.

Karin Hiebert

It’s possible soap or some chemical got under your watch that day and caused a reaction.

I can’t see inductive receptors in the watch causing a burn. They receive charge, not send it.

Peter Gilchrist

It’s sweat that dries. The sweat is salty and when it dries it creates shards of “glass” which rub against the watch and skin.

St. Rommel

Are you guys washing your hands or having a shower and wearing them?? I find when I do the soap is still under the watch and the soap irritates the skin.

Stephen Jacques

I think its a fungus from being sweaty or wet under the band. Kind of like athletes foot. Try some fungus ointment.

Darlene Dunlap

Since you were wearing it in bed, did you maybe lay on your arm and cause the overheating?

I tied wearing my watch for sleep tracking and just wasn’t comfortable with it being laid on or under the pillow, etc! Good luck.

Barbara Krueger

How Often Should We Expect Wrist Burn from Apple Watch?

I’ve had series 2,3 & now 4 and never had any of theses problems. I’ve seen other similar post and it was because of skin irritations or something that you may have rubbed your skin and the contact caused this. As far as customer services always a pleasure when I’ve had a problem. Good luck hope u get this solved.

Interesting, I am allergic to nickel, all medals actually but 18k and up gold, however, surprisingly, I haven’t had a problem with the Apple Watch.

Nikki HutchInson

I have not had this issue with my Apple Watch, but had this same problem, only worse, with my old Samsung gear fit.

Monica Peterson

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Apple Watch From Burning Your Wrist

The other day, I realized my watch was getting rather hot. Somehow my series 3 was stuck in “always on” display and it was killing the battery. I had to unpair and totally reset it to fix it. It’s been glitchy as all hell since the last update.

Michelle Risling

It’s not a burn it’s a sweat rash – I had it a couple of weeks ago… I just swapped arms for the week and let my rash heal. Not apple’s fault. I’ve worn an Apple Watch for 5 years or so and it’s the first time it has happened and it’s probably because we have had high humidity this year … since putting it back on that arm no issues at all.

Laura Adele

I got that when I first got my series 2 and it happened because I was wearing it too tight. Try loosing the strap a little.

Brenda Coronado

I get that too. I just switch arms periodically. Or leave it off at night

Nikki Lowrie

I had a rash develop after I had my watch for two years. Cleaned my watch thoroughly, wore it on my other wrist for a few days until the RASH not a burn disappeared put it back on the other wrist and it is fine now.

Chrissie Stacey

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  1. Those are actual burns caused by overheating (defective) watch battery. I’ve had my Apple watch for several years and love it but recently, I felt it heating up on my wrist and t burned me, it actually blistered. I wasn’t sure what it was so I moved my watch to my other wrist and it burned me there too. A chat with a friend who services Apple products, said it was likely due to a defective battery, which was overheating. He suggested resetting the watch to see if it fixes the problem. I had noticed recently that my watch was also having difficulty connecting to some of the Apps winked with my phone, that issue might have caused the watch too overheat too. In any event, I did a factory reset on my watch and resinc’ed it with my phone. I will see if that fixed the issue. If not, I will be going to an Apple store to address it. I can post an update later. Cheers.

    • Thank you!! I’ve had my watch for a couple of years, and have had the ‘rash’ – same size as the sensor on the back of the watch (about a 5c piece size) on more than one occasion (which has always felt like a burn), but around a week ago, some of the apps stopped working and the watch actually burnt me (as in it blistered), the exact same size as the laser sensor (tiny circle). I switched wrists and it did the same thing. Haven’t worn the watch for a couple of days while I let the skin heal. Put it on this afternoon – and could feel it starting to burn again. Clearly the watch is now faulty. I am wondering if there have been the same reported issues with Samsung watches….

  2. Just dropped my apple watch off after I received a second degree burn on my wrist. Blistered. Definitely not contact dermatitis.

  3. I have had my Series 7 on for less than 3 hours. It just arrived today. I am having a burning sensation through my entire wrist and hand, and a visible red mark on my wrist where the back of the watch rests. This is not from sweat or any debris as mentioned above, because I have not moved from my desk since putting it on.

    • Did you ever figure out what this was? Or did it get better? I have had the exact same thing happened. Bought the series 7 watch today, How did on for five maybe 10 minutes, felt a tingling/burning/deep achy sensation, and now I have a red spot in the middle of my wrist.

      • It is probably caused by the heart rate sensor ( or blood oxygen sensor) that emits infrared light continuously. It happened to me three times. ( watch S7). My watch 4 does not have this problem.

  4. It’s a fungus: moisture + warmth= fungal growth. I clean my arm with witch hazel or alcohol and apply tiny amount of NEEM oil before putting it on.

  5. I, too, have a very bad burn and now a blister from my Apple Watch. I bought it in the fall and only would have a slight red mark all winter, but during the summer it got very bad. I took it off for a couple of day and the spot healed but still left a brown mark. When I put it back on for just one day, I have a blister and it’s very red. Can’t wear it!

  6. Im a hairstylist and have worn my watch everyday at work for over a year now. I only wear it during the day. My watch gets wet daily, Multiple times a day. I have never had a problem until now. At the end of my work day. After cleaning my color bowls was rinsing my hands and drying when I noticed a burning sensation on my wrist. At first I thought it was a chemical burn. Thought it was strange that I didn’t notice the pain until then though.
    I have been trying to wear it this week and I’m noticing that it feels like it’s shocking me. It’s not terribly painful when it does it but I’m now thinking it’s the watch along with damp skin causing this to happen. Now I’m afraid to wear it at all. Also, I can’t seem to get it to heal! I don’t usually have an issue with healing skin. Anyone have meds they’ve used that worked for them?

  7. My series 3 got very hot and started to burn my wrist two weeks ago. I noticed it while riding in the car. I took off the watch when I got home. This was not a fungus or chemical reaction. The watch was overheating and burnt my wrist. I contacted Apple. They asked for photos and reviewed my case. Their response was to do a hard reset if it happens again. So far it hasn’t happened again and I’m also wearing it looser on my wrist.


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