Apple Watch Burning Wrist? Here’s What To Do

The Apple Watch has revolutionized how we track health and stay connected, but some users have reported skin irritation, burning sensations, and even rashes after wearing certain models for extended periods.

This blog post addresses these concerns and provides suggestions to alleviate these problems.

Issues With Apple Watch Sensor Burning Wrist

As someone who has experienced this problem, I can tell you it can be a real nuisance. I was doing sports when I first noticed a burn on my hand caused by the Apple Watch’s sensor.

  • Burning Sensation: Users have reported experiencing a burning sensation on their wrists underneath their Apple Watches, particularly around the sensor areas.
  • Skin Irritation and Rashes: Skin irritation, redness, and even rashes develop under the sensor or watch band.
  • Skin Atrophy: A few users observed skin atrophy, or tissue wasting, after prolonged use of specific Apple Watch models, mainly the Apple Watch Ultra.

Exploring Possible Causes

  • Material Sensitivity: The Apple Watch contains various materials that could trigger allergic reactions or sensitivity.
  • Sensor Interaction: The sensors on the underside of the Apple Watch might be causing irritation due to prolonged contact with the skin.
  • Fit and Tightness: Wearing your Apple Watch too tight or for extended periods without breaks might contribute to skin-related issues.

If the Apple Watch Is Burning Your Wrist

After some research and experimentation, I found some tips and tricks to help prevent the Apple Watch sensor from causing irritation or burns on your wrist.

Pick the Right Band

  • Use a cover or protective band for your Apple Watch. This can help reduce the amount of light that reaches your skin, which may help prevent irritation.
  • Ensure you’re not wearing the watch too tightly. A snug fit is fine, but it shouldn’t be too tight that it causes discomfort or irritation. This Arae’s stretchy band is my favorite.

Clean Apple Watch and Band

  • Regularly clean both your watch and the band with mild soap and water to remove any accumulated dirt or irritants.

Allergy Testing

  • If you suspect your skin’s causing allergic reactions, a quick test could help identify the troublemaker.
  • Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated, especially where your watch sits on your wrist. Dry, cracked skin is more susceptible to irritation or burns, so be sure to use a moisturizer regularly.

Avoid Extended Wear

  • If you’re wearing your watch for an extended period of time, try taking breaks throughout the day. This will give your skin a chance to breathe and prevent any irritation.

Additional tips:

  • Check your Apple Watch settings. Sometimes, the watch can get stuck in the “Always On” mode, causing it to heat up and drain the battery quickly.
  • Sweat rash can be a common problem when wearing the watch, especially in high humidity. Try swapping arms periodically to give your skin a break and let the rash heal.
  • Leave your watch off at night to give your skin time to breathe and prevent excess sweat buildup.

To sum it up, skin burns from an Apple Watch may be caused by various factors, including salt crystals, soap or other chemicals, sweat, and overheating.

By taking proactive steps and being mindful of your watch usage, you can mitigate these issues and continue enjoying the benefits of your Apple Watch.

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  1. Those are actual burns caused by overheating (defective) watch battery. I’ve had my Apple watch for several years and love it but recently, I felt it heating up on my wrist and t burned me, it actually blistered. I wasn’t sure what it was so I moved my watch to my other wrist and it burned me there too. A chat with a friend who services Apple products, said it was likely due to a defective battery, which was overheating. He suggested resetting the watch to see if it fixes the problem. I had noticed recently that my watch was also having difficulty connecting to some of the Apps winked with my phone, that issue might have caused the watch too overheat too. In any event, I did a factory reset on my watch and resinc’ed it with my phone. I will see if that fixed the issue. If not, I will be going to an Apple store to address it. I can post an update later. Cheers.

    • Thank you!! I’ve had my watch for a couple of years, and have had the ‘rash’ – same size as the sensor on the back of the watch (about a 5c piece size) on more than one occasion (which has always felt like a burn), but around a week ago, some of the apps stopped working and the watch actually burnt me (as in it blistered), the exact same size as the laser sensor (tiny circle). I switched wrists and it did the same thing. Haven’t worn the watch for a couple of days while I let the skin heal. Put it on this afternoon – and could feel it starting to burn again. Clearly the watch is now faulty. I am wondering if there have been the same reported issues with Samsung watches….

  2. Just dropped my apple watch off after I received a second degree burn on my wrist. Blistered. Definitely not contact dermatitis.

  3. I have had my Series 7 on for less than 3 hours. It just arrived today. I am having a burning sensation through my entire wrist and hand, and a visible red mark on my wrist where the back of the watch rests. This is not from sweat or any debris as mentioned above, because I have not moved from my desk since putting it on.

    • Did you ever figure out what this was? Or did it get better? I have had the exact same thing happened. Bought the series 7 watch today, How did on for five maybe 10 minutes, felt a tingling/burning/deep achy sensation, and now I have a red spot in the middle of my wrist.

      • It is probably caused by the heart rate sensor ( or blood oxygen sensor) that emits infrared light continuously. It happened to me three times. ( watch S7). My watch 4 does not have this problem.

  4. It’s a fungus: moisture + warmth= fungal growth. I clean my arm with witch hazel or alcohol and apply tiny amount of NEEM oil before putting it on.

  5. I, too, have a very bad burn and now a blister from my Apple Watch. I bought it in the fall and only would have a slight red mark all winter, but during the summer it got very bad. I took it off for a couple of day and the spot healed but still left a brown mark. When I put it back on for just one day, I have a blister and it’s very red. Can’t wear it!

  6. Im a hairstylist and have worn my watch everyday at work for over a year now. I only wear it during the day. My watch gets wet daily, Multiple times a day. I have never had a problem until now. At the end of my work day. After cleaning my color bowls was rinsing my hands and drying when I noticed a burning sensation on my wrist. At first I thought it was a chemical burn. Thought it was strange that I didn’t notice the pain until then though.
    I have been trying to wear it this week and I’m noticing that it feels like it’s shocking me. It’s not terribly painful when it does it but I’m now thinking it’s the watch along with damp skin causing this to happen. Now I’m afraid to wear it at all. Also, I can’t seem to get it to heal! I don’t usually have an issue with healing skin. Anyone have meds they’ve used that worked for them?

  7. My series 3 got very hot and started to burn my wrist two weeks ago. I noticed it while riding in the car. I took off the watch when I got home. This was not a fungus or chemical reaction. The watch was overheating and burnt my wrist. I contacted Apple. They asked for photos and reviewed my case. Their response was to do a hard reset if it happens again. So far it hasn’t happened again and I’m also wearing it looser on my wrist.


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