How to Fix Apple Watch Heart Rate BPM Keeps Stopping

How to Fix Apple Watch Heart Rate BPM Keeps Stopping

Getting so annoyed! My Apple Watch BPM keeps stopping mid workout 😡 Just in from a run and on at least 3 occasions when I checked my watch it had lost measurement of my BPM and it takes a good 2-4 minutes to find it again! I’ve tried readjusting the strap, cleaning etc… anyone else? Never had this problem with my last watch.

Possible reasons why Apple Watch BPM Stops Recording

Shawn Ridgway

I’ve noticed it several times recently and it has never happened with this watch before. I have a theory that it occurs when I get notifications from other apps while I’m exercising.

Christopher Darlington

Under “Do Not Disturb” you can tell it to turn that on when you start a work out.

If you’re losing beats per minute during a workout which happens to me all the time it’s probably a level of tightness of your watch on the wrist. What I have found though is that over the course of a one hour workout it might lose the beats per minute for five or six seconds a bunch of times so it ends up not being a big deal.

Andrea Sterling

I had an issue with readings being consistent until I got a better fitting band. I’m in between sizes on the original one that comes with the watch, I have a silicone sport one with different sizing and now that it fits properly my readings seem to be better. Just a thought.

The one I have is from Epic Watch Bands but I have heard the nylon ones are super comfortable and also very adjustable.

Heart Rate Chart Unavailable

Marco Torregrossa

Fitness app on the iPhone. Why is heart rate chart unavailable? I can see the chart on the watch and on the health app but not on the fitness app. Why?

Alessandra Scaduto

Mine doesn’t go high on a walk. I’d say you should make sure there’s nothing in between your wrist and the watch sensor… or maybe you are wearing it too loose or the strap is not good?

Nicole Laird

This happened to me after an update. It changed a setting. Double check the power saving mode. I think that’s what was the issue.

How to Delete Bad BPM Record from Apple Watch

Since you can not modify your heart rate data, what you can do is delete the incorrect/bad entry.

  1. Open the Health app on your iPhone.
  2. Locate Heart Rate.
  3. Scroll down to select all data.
  4. Select a date > Scroll down to find the incorrect entry > Swipe left on each entry data > Tap delete.

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