Apple Watch Gets Hot While Charging? How to Fix the Issue

Apple Watches are remarkable devices, but occasionally, they have issues with excessive heat during charging.

You may have noticed the Apple Watch gets hot while charging, especially if you used it a lot before plugging in your charger.

The Apple Watch is not a device that’s likely to overheat. This article offers some tips that should help you resolve the issue.

Reported Problems

1. Overheating During Charging

Users have reported their Apple Watches becoming exceedingly hot while on the charger. In extreme cases, this heat leads to the device shutting down.

2. Failure to Turn On

After charging, I found my Apple Watch unresponsive, failing to turn on despite attempts to restart or charge again.

How To Stop Your Apple Watch From Overheating While Charging

If your Apple Watch has been getting hot while charging, there are a few things to check.

1. Check Charging Setup

  • Ensure all plastic wrap is removed from both ends of the charging cable. Clean both the back of the watch and the charging head with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Align the charging head properly with the back of the watch. Some accessories might hinder this alignment; try charging without them.
  • Test using another genuine Apple Magnetic Charging Cable to rule out cable issues.

2. Examine Power Sources

  • Utilize different genuine Apple USB Power Adapters or certified third-party adapters.
  • Try charging via different power outlets, ensuring they are working correctly. If feasible, test charging via a USB port on a computer (use USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports).

3. Perform Restart Procedures

  • After charging, attempt to start the watch by pressing and holding the side button.
  • If unsuccessful, try force restarting by pressing and holding both the side button and Digital Crown for about 10 seconds.

4. Contact Apple Support

  • If the issue persists or the watch continues to get excessively hot, contact Apple Support or visit an Authorized Service Provider for further diagnosis and potential servicing.

Remember, a certain level of warmth during charging is expected due to wireless electricity transmission. However, excessive heat beyond a warm temperature could indicate a problem.

Stop charging your Apple Watch when it’s overheating, as it might indicate a failure of battery management. Such failures pose risks of dramatic battery malfunctions or, in extreme cases, potential fire hazards.

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  1. How do you fix Apple Watch showing black only or red lightening bolt and charger cord when side bottom pushed. It should have charged all night.

  2. Hello,
    I did every trouble shooting suggestion. NO thing worked. I have the Aluminum 38mm,3 or 4, looks like after a bit of research there is a problem with this model?
    Ike crazy,feels dangerous????
    Please advise. Is there a recall.
    Thank you for helping.
    Kym Webster

  3. I just got a Apple series 5 watch for a gift.
    The watch is great, but when I charged it for the first time, it seemed like it was getting hot while charging.
    I was told that it should not get hot. After the watch is fully charged, it should stop charging.
    I’m wondering if there is a defect in the watch because, after being on the charger all night, I would think that the watch should be fully charged with the charger now off. This is not the case.

  4. My husband had just charged his phone all night. We were out eating breakfast and his got real hot on his arm then it went dead and he’s charging it again now. What caused that and what can we do about it ??? He says it doesn’t seem to be charging now.

  5. My series 3 is stuck on black screen. When i put it to charge, it appears an overheat sign. I did not used in hot/cold environments nor in saunas/wet places. Apple service could not help me.

  6. My series 3 is stuck on black screen. When i put it to charge, it appears an overheat sign. I did not used in hot/cold environments nor in saunas/wet places. Apple service could not help me.

  7. I had my watch placed it on my wrist
    My wrist became very hot my iwatch was over heating I couldn’t turn off. I placed in the freezer. Few minutes I pulled it out had shut it self off wouldn’t turn on plus had drained it’s self of power
    Now what

  8. My Apple Watch is hot while charging and when I checked there’s no charge at all I’ve done all
    The trouble shooting but no one works


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