How to Fix Apple Watch Reminders Not Syncing With iPhone

As an Apple Watch user, you can benefit from the Reminders app to organize your busy life. You have the ability to quickly create reminders and view upcoming events from your wrist.

Once you set a reminder on your iPhone, it will notify you on your Apple Watch if your phone is not in use. Moreover, you can set reminders to alert you at particular locations, specific days, when leaving or arriving, and more.

However, your world may turn upside down when the Reminders app stops working or syncing.

To avoid that from happening, take a look at some of the troubleshooting steps below so you can get the Reminders app on your Apple Watch to sync again.

Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Check that your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are enabled on both the iPhone and Apple Watch. Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is working properly.

If there’s no connection, the Control Center on your watch will show a “Disconnected” message. If you accidentally turned off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can turn either option back on from the Control Center or Settings app.

Reset Sync Data

If the Reminders app is still not syncing from the iPhone to your Apple Watch or vice versa, you can try resetting the sync data option.

To perform a Reset Sync Data for your Apple Watch:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
  2. Go to General > Reset.
  3. Tap on Reset Sync Data.

After performing the Reset Sync Data for your Apple Watch, you will see a quick flash.

Wait for a few minutes for your iPhone and Apple Watch to synchronize properly. After that, open the Reminders app and check if all your reminders and tasks have synced on the problematic device.

Unpair your Apple Watch

The third option is to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. This method creates an automatic backup of your data, so you can restore it once you pair the devices again.

If you create reminders with Siri on your Apple Watch and they’re not showing up on your iPhone, unpairing could help.

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  1. Just spent 2 hours trying all these. Nothing works. So frustrating.
    Very disappointing. And Apple used to “do what it says on the tin”…not any more


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