How To Fix Apple Watch Counting Steps While Sleeping

Do you find that your Apple Watch is counting an excessive amount of steps, even when you’re asleep or sitting at your desk?

Some users have had to recalibrate their devices but that still doesn’t prevent the Apple Watch from recording steps when they’re asleep.

How to Fix Apple Watch Counting Steps While Sleeping

Firstly, if you’re using a pedometer app other than the Apple Activity app, such as Pedometer++, this may be the cause of the extra steps.

Open up the Apple Health app, find “Steps,” and select “Show All Data.”

Choose a day where you’ve had issues, and on the left, it will show you whether the extra steps are coming from your Apple Watch, iPhone, or another app.

If it’s the latter, consider removing the app or adjusting its settings.

If this doesn’t help, try resetting your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Showing Incorrect Steps in Health App

Another issue that may occur is incorrect step counts appearing in the Health app. You may find that steps recorded on your Apple Watch are not syncing to the app on your iPhone.

In this case, try ending the activity on your watch and waiting around 30 minutes for the steps to appear. Alternatively, restarting both your Apple Watch and iPhone may help.

It’s worth noting that the Health and Activity apps may have slightly different step totals, but they should be similar. If there is a significant difference, try closing and re-opening the Fitness app.

With these tips, you should be able to resolve any step counting issues on your Apple Watch and get back to accurately tracking your activity levels.

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