Apple Watch Still Count Steps While I’m Sleeping (How-To Fix)

My Apple Watch (series 3) has begun counting huge amounts of steps, even in my sleep and when I’m at my desk at work. It did this to me once before and I totally wiped it and re-calibrated it but now it has started again. Any ideas? Thanks!

Apple Watch Counting Steps When Asleep

Are you using a pedometer app other than the Apple Activity app? The Pedometer++ app is notorious for extra steps…I’m quite certain I could find out where the extra steps are at.

Open up Apple health, find “steps” and click it. Roll to the bottom and choose “show all data”. Now choose a day where you have had issues. Open that day up and look on the left. It will show your watch or your phone OR any app that is adding steps. Let me know what you see.

Darrell Evans

Have you reset the watch? Maybe that would fix this issue.

Howie Fields

Apple Watch Showing Incorrect Steps in Health App

How often does the Apple Watch sync the data with the iPhone? I walked on treadmill today without phone. The watch recorded my steps, which were around 2,000. I checked the health app on iPhone after 2-3 hours and still it was not showing today’s steps. Is there any manual sync we need to do or it syncs automatically? If yes how often?

Bernadette Lionetta

I find that I need to end the activity on the watch – then approximately 30 mins or so it shows up on the health app

Shirley Holloway

Is there a reason why my health app and activity app have different step totals? I’ve never really compared them before but this week Friday had 9,237 and health says 9,966. Thursday heath says 10,233 and activity says 9,237. Some are significant and other not. I thought they should sync.

Rick Abraham

You don’t need to start an activity to record steps and have them transfer to the watch. It will transfer eventually. If you can’t wait, restart both your watch and phone.

However, for indoor walks where you aren’t actually moving forward, starting an indoor walk activity will provide more accurate data.

Héktor Hernández

Maybe Closing the activity app (in multitasking just swipe it up) and re-launch it.

Jonathan Andrews

I normally run without my phone and within a few minutes of being home my watch update….have you tried a hard reset of both in case there is a connection issue on either?

Laura Adele

I had an issue with Map my Run so I ended up deleting the App off my watch and then reinstalling – all working smoothly again now, maybe Strava will be the same for you.

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