How to Fix Apple Watch VO2 Max Not Working or Recording Data

I’ve finally found one thing to complain about on my Apple Watch. The VO2 max seems horribly inaccurate! The further and faster I run, the worse shape I’m in according to the VO2, haha! I might just turn it off since this appears widespread.

Incorrect VO2 Max data on Apple Watch

Gene Stalnecker

VO2 Max readings only occur when using the native Outdoor Walk or Run workout types, it’s calculated in conjunction with the calibration process so you need to meet the same conditions as calibration (over 20 minutes, flat outdoor area big enough for GPS to work, etc) at a fairly aggressive pace. I get them every walk or run I do as I only log workout quality endeavors.

It takes many readings to become accurate as non-clinical devices normally do. Mine reads very consistently, and just because you go longer or faster doesn’t mean it should go up, it’s measuring capacity to work out not ability…you may be pushing yourself harder than you should be.

Mark Hamilton

I have exactly the same issue – I think the measurements are only linked to running and walking. Since December I cycle 50km most weekends and get on the rowing machine for 30mins every single day and I’ve lost 2kg – yet my VO2 seems to be dropping off a cliff!

Jess Watai

If you’re doing indoor runs it won’t measure just FYI. It only measure V02 for outdoor walks and runs.

VO2 on Apple Watch Keeps Dropping

Jonathan Andrews

VO2 doesn’t keep going up just because you run more

You need to keep increasing the way your O2 is consumes oxygen which means running and exercising harder. Otherwise your body will become more efficient.

Out of interest, what is your VO2max now and where has it improved from.

I started running a year ago where mine was around the low 40s. It’s now maxed out at around 53

Andy Cochrane

I’ve not had any readings since August. No idea why, unless it’s situation specific, as that was the last time I was away from my normal home location.

VO2 Max Doesn’t Work At All

Matt Brown

Hi I’m new to Apple Watch and am wondering how you get it to record your Vo2 max as have been for a couple of runs and a walk and I’m not getting any data, am I missing something or should it just generate it after a work out?

Fred Jad

My VO2 Max is not calculating. After 3 weeks with Apple Support, they said it’s an iOS bug that affects some phones not all. I have to wait for new iOS. I have iPhone XR and Series 3 Apple Watch. Any help is appreciated. TIA.

Fran Hughes

Make sure both phone and watch are on latest OS. That is 14.3 and 7.2. Then contact Apple support. I don’t use it so have no other suggestions, but I would always contact Apple.

Liz Amram

Just noticed that my vo2 max has not worked since august not sure if this is because of watchOS 7.0 or not. Any ideas of how get it to work

Chris Lance

V02 max – got off the phone with apple. With the new updates it doesn’t register unless it’s an outdoor run walk or hike only now. So i guess my when on the tread i will put it as an outdoor run to see if it registers. That is dumb.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of the VO2 readings my Apple Watch was taking until recently. Looking at the history however I can see a marked difference between the difference the readings on my old series 4 Apple Watch and my new series 6 watch. The readings on my new watch vary between 28 – 32 whereas on my old watch they were between 39 – 41. I’m not aware I am doing anything different as I still walk my dog each day covering around 4 miles and I go to the gym 2-3 times weekly and I’m in the gym for around 1 hour 40 minutes doing a mixture of cardio and weights.


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