How to Fix Apple Watch VO2 Max Not Working

Have you been experiencing issues with your Apple Watch VO2 max not working?

Many users have complained about inaccuracies, drop-offs, or not getting any data at all.

Here are some things to consider when your Apple Watch VO2 Max is not calculating, working, or continuously dropping during your exercise.

How to Fix Apple Watch VO2 Max Not Working

Apple Watch VO2 max readings only occur when using the native Outdoor Walk or Run workout types.

It’s calculated in conjunction with the calibration process, so you need to meet the same conditions as calibration (over 20 minutes, a flat outdoor area big enough for GPS to work, etc.) at a fairly aggressive pace.

It takes many readings to become accurate, so keep this in mind when analyzing your VO2 Max data.

VO2 Max Keeps Dropping

Your VO2 max doesn’t keep going up just because you run more. You need to keep increasing the way your body consumes oxygen, which means running and exercising harder.

So, don’t be discouraged if your VO2 max drops after a hard run or workout. This could just mean that your body is becoming more efficient.

One way to prevent VO2 max from dropping is to exercise at intensities above 75% of your maximum heart rate.

Apple Watch Not Calculating VO2 Max

If you’re doing indoor runs or workouts, your Apple Watch won’t measure your VO2 max. It only measures VO2 for outdoor walks and runs.

Weight training is unlikely to boost your VO2 max; instead, you should focus on your jogging speed or incline.

Make sure you’re recording your outdoor workouts to get accurate VO2 max readings.

After your workout, the VO2 max data should generate automatically. If you’re not getting any data, make sure both your iPhone and Apple Watch are on the latest software update.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of the VO2 readings my Apple Watch was taking until recently. Looking at the history however I can see a marked difference between the difference the readings on my old series 4 Apple Watch and my new series 6 watch. The readings on my new watch vary between 28 – 32 whereas on my old watch they were between 39 – 41. I’m not aware I am doing anything different as I still walk my dog each day covering around 4 miles and I go to the gym 2-3 times weekly and I’m in the gym for around 1 hour 40 minutes doing a mixture of cardio and weights.


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