Apple Watch Tells Me To Stand in the Middle of the Night

A question from Cathy: My first night wearing my new watch to bed….alarm set….it wakes me up at 2am and tells me I need to stand. How do I stop these notifications and still make sure the alarm goes off??!!

How to Stop Stand Up Reminder during Midnight on Apple Watch

Ralph Mastrangelo

1) Launch the Watch app from your iPhone’s Home screen.

2) Scroll down and tap on General.

3) Tap on Do Not Disturb.

4) Toggle Mirror iPhone to On.

Yeah sometimes mine tells me to stand too in the middle of the night. So weird?

Ames Lou

Turn off notifications on watch, set alarm on iPhone….

Wayne Laing

I always use do not disturb and then just set an app on my watch. Alarm still works even if on do not disturb

Angela Parker

Turn on the Do Not Disturb for your watch between sleep hours. FYI. If you disable stand reminder totally, it does not turn off the stand RING.

Peter Gilchrist

Apple Watch Still Count My Stands While I’m Sleeping

Callie Smith

The weirdest thing happened overnight. My stand counter has me up from midnight to mid day whilst I was asleep. Has this happened to anyone else?

It’s enough if you’re tossing and turning at night. Is that the case? The Watch would also do that if you have a sedentary job but constantly and quickly move your arms, such as a cashier.

Oliver Larweczka

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