AppSync Not Working on iOS 11? Try Immortal Tweak
Thanks /u/EveryoneHereIsAMoron for sharing.

AppSync Not Working on iOS 11? Try Immortal Tweak

Without AppSync, even if your iOS 11 is jailbroken, your sideloaded apps will continue to crash once their certificate expires. In a recent tweet, Karen (angelXwind) announced that she got AppSync Unified to work on iOS 11, but you shouldn’t expect it until Cydia Substrate is ready.

That being said, after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11, you still have a limit of installing up to 3 apps on your device. Furthermore, after 7 days or less, those apps will either crash or tell you to verify it.

An alternative to AppSync for iOS 11 has been released, and it’s called Immortal. Using this tweak, jailbroken users with only access to SSH will be able to stop their sideloaded apps from crashing or the certificate getting revoked.

Thanks /u/XxWreckingViper for sharing.

How to Install Immortal Cydia Tweak on iOS 11

  1. Download FilzaEscaped.ipa from this page. Follow this guide on how to install it using Cydia Impactor. (Skip this step if you already have the IPA on your home screen).
  2. On your iPhone, open the App Store, and install an app called ZipApp Free.
  3. Download the official .deb file for Immortal from here (use your Safari browser app)
  4. Open the .deb package with ZipApp and extract the tar.lzma archive inside it.
  5. Go to Library/Mobile Substrate/DynamicLibraries.
  6. You will see the dylib and plist files. Transfer them to bootstrap/Library/SBInject.
  7. Respring your iPhone or iPad

If you need further help with the installation, check out this detailed post.

When your iOS device is back on, unlock it and go to the home screen. You should see a popup that says:

Immortal is Active

You can now use applications forever.

Note: If you got a maximum 3 applications error while using Cydia Impactor, just lock and unlock your device, and then retry installation.

If you have any questions related to this tweak, you can also join their Telegram channel.

Some people have reported that the Immortal tweak will stop working after a reboot. If your sideloaded apps continue to get revoked, download its .IPA again and re-install via Cydia Impactor.

Afterall, this is just an alternative to AppSync on iOS 11. I would suggest using AppSync Unified once the update is out. There are cases where Immortal can be buggy and unreliable.