What Is “Audio Message.caf” in iMessage? Is My iPhone Hacked?

Have you ever received an “Audio Message.caf” file through iMessage and wondered what it was or if it meant that your iPhone had been hacked? If so, you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what an Audio Message caf file is and whether or not receiving one of these files should be cause for concern.

What is the CAF file extension in iMessage?

The “caf” file extension stands for Core Audio Format, a file format developed by Apple for storing and manipulating audio data.

It does not necessarily mean your iPhone has been hacked if you received a .caf file through iMessage.

In this particular instance, someone you know recorded an audio message and sent it to you via iMessage. Since the sender is not in control of the file name, it’s always sent as “Audio Message.caf.”

It’s safe to say no spyware has been used to infect your chat or conversation.

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