What is sshd-keygen-wrapper in macOS? Is It Malware?

If you find sshd-keygen-wrapper under your macOS Privacy settings, do not panic. For some users, if they go to their macOS settings > Privacy > Full Disk Access, there is an option called sshd-keygen-wrapper. A quick search will suggest that this option is used for remote logins. So should this feature be a concern? No. … Read more

How to Connect your PS5 to Studio Display using HDMI Adapter

If you’re wanting to connect your PS5 console to the Apple’s Studio Display, here is how to do it. Using an HDMI adapter from a brand called Club 3D. Here are the features: 4K Support Plug-And-Play Backwards compatible Some users have reported no audio being transmitted from the PS5 to Studio Display. This is a … Read more

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