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Question from Cheyenne: I used to use a Fitbit before I got my Apple Watch and I loved tracking my sleep with it, but since I’ve switched over it’s been a huge issue I’ve been having and I’ve contemplated going back to my Fitbit just because of that. I love the texts/calling on the Apple Watch and that in itself makes it far more worth it, but I just want to find a sleeping app that’s similar to how Fitbit tracked your sleep time automatically, your light sleep, when you wake up, etc. It can cost money or be free I don’t care at this point!

AutoSleep Reviews from Apple Watch users

Jess Watai

AutoSleep is the best one I’ve found so far. I used to have a Fitbit too and it was hard to switch from the sleep charting of Fitbit to apple lol. But AutoSleep is pretty good. Maybe better actually. It also monitors sounds (so you can figure out when your SO is snoring and if that corresponds to you waking up lol).

Karissa Martilik

I use AutoSleep. I loved the Fitbit sleep portion, this is the closest one to that in my opinion.

Glynnis Fairbanks

The most mentioned are AutoSleep, Pillow and SleepWatch.

Trench Bais

I use AutoSleep. Love the HRV numbers using the breathe app. No subscription based so no brainer.

Gloria Duke

My AutoSleep tells me how much sleep I had including deep sleep, my resting heart rate etc.

Shirley Holloway

I love auto sleep. I charge my phone in am when showering. Why do I track my sleep? I’m a data junky. I also learn a lot about my body. If I drink alcohol in evening my sleep is not deep in fact on New Years 0 deep sleep. So, I know I can’t do that too often or health suffers. My blood sugar goes wacko if I don’t sleep deeply too. If I don’t have a good night I know I need to pay more attention to relaxing that day. Yoga. Long soaking bath. Also, there are settings that you can set for your idle hours before bed. Also, you can push a button. I don’t bother.

Issues with the AutoSleep app

Janet Harville

I have a question for the AutoSleep app users. So, I downloaded it yesterday but this morning, nothing. Not sure what I did wrong? Do I need my phone with me? I tend to leave it out in the living room during the night. I thought I gave it permissions and so on.

Brigitte Thiele

For you AutoSleep app users, can you enlighten me as to why this screen shows tracking to 10:15am yet it is only 8:36 AM here? I think I like this app but I’m not sure I am using it correctly. Thank you

Carla Legge

How does AutoSleep app work? Its saying I have a sleep credit (like I’ve overslept and it saves my sleep (ha). Does it track heart rate and breathing to show your sleep? I found my Fitbit to be so accurate – I could see when I woke on the screen to be when I actually did wake. On this app I cant see the exact sleep/wake time….

Carole Hill

I have the Auto Sleep app on my phone and watch. I have the Lights Off option and for the last three nights, I have activated the lights off when going to bed. It says it’s on, but when I go to sleep session the next morning to see how long it took me to go to sleep, it’s zeros. Anyone else using this and having problems? I’m fairly positive that I’ve done everything correctly, but it’s not working.

Regina Rowland

I don’t feel like my watch is correctly tracking my sleep. I use the auto sleep app. My Fitbit seemed to do better at this. Do any of you have problems or success with this?

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