What’s the best blood pressure app for Apple Watch?

What’s the best blood pressure app for Apple Watch?

A question from Bartlett: What app can you use for blood pressure? My parents are thinking about getting an Apple Watch…

Can the Apple Watch measure your blood pressure?

Mikkel Christensen

You can’t measure blood pressure with Apple Watch, and I really doubt any other watch can do it.

Joseph Cox

As mentioned above the Apple Watch and to my knowledge there isn’t a watch device available that is capable of actually measuring blood pressure.

However, if you wish to record your blood pressure values and have them stored in your medical information in the Apple Health app just write a simple ShortCut which can be run from the watch which asks for the values you tell it the values and it adds the values to the Health app.

These values can be added to a spreadsheet if you which and you can even add onto ShortCuts with a third party app call Charty which will provide a graph (Charty is not for the Watch).

Erica Fuller

An app is not going to allow to do something you don’t have the hardware to support …. there are plenty of BP apps out there but the Apple Watch can not monitor BP period regardless of what app you put on your phone…. you may be able to find a 3rd party watch band with app to do what your looking for.

Alison Bell

I bought a home blood pressure machine at the pharmacy. Just push a button and it takes your blood pressure on your upper arm. Then I enter the blood pressure reading into Apple Health app, manually into the blood pressure location on that app.

Stanley Eng

You can get a “Microlife” blood pressure monitor (available at Costco) to take blood pressure readings and sync the BP readings from the monitor to the “Microlife “ app on your iPhone. The iWatch 6 ( I got one) does not take BP readings. You have to get an external BP monitor to take readings and sync readings to the app on iPhone. I don’t think there is a watch that accurately takes blood pressure readings; would be nice and I did try looking for such a watch.

Will blood pressure monitoring be added to the Apple Watch?

Mark Villanueva

My next feature for the next Apple Watch is high blood pressure monitoring that’s what i need for me due to I have high blood pressure how about u guys what features u want next on the Apple Watch maybe low blood sugar monitoring for diabetic people.

Gene Stalnecker

I don’t see BP ever happening without a specialized band that would be too bulky for normal use. You can look at the medical system to see what’s on the horizon, and there’s nothing that can replace a pressurized device.

Glucose monitoring might be more realistic, if they can into a band. But by the time it comes around tattoos would probably be perfected and would be the way to go.

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