Best Cydia Tweaks for Apple Music: Mousai, MusicMod, and Audicy

If there is anything I could change from iOS 8.4 to iOS 10, it would be the Music app or known as Apple Music. With every major firmware update, Apple tries to change things up a bit. Be it redesigning the Control Center, lock screen, or enhancing their stock applications.

That’s understandable to me but I think the Music app was just fine before it was rebranded and redesigned in iOS 9. For users who are still using iOS 8.3 or below, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

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I hate the new Apple Music

With even more enhancements in iOS 10, the Music app now looks completely different. Not to mention that Apple Music now put restrictions on its users by displaying tons of useless elements, and most importantly, a limited number of skips you can make per hour.

Below are four of my favorite Cydia tweaks for Apple Music. You can now partially revert to the old app and enjoy some of the features that Apple removed.

Erato (formally Mousai)

There are tons of jailbreak tweaks on Cydia that let you bypass limited skips on Pandora, Spotify, and remove ads or modify the application. That’s exactly what Mousai tweak is bringing to Apple Music: unlimited amount of skips you can handle.

And a couple more includes the ability to hide certain features that might cause annoyances in the app.


Full list of features:

  • Hide the Connect tab
  • Hide the Arrow on album art view while playing (native swipe gestures are still enabled)
  • Hide the status bar while playing music
  • Unlimited Radio Skipping
  • Hide recently played
  • Hide the radio tab (because not all use this feature)

Mousai is currently available as a free tweak for iOS 8.4 on the BigBoss repo. Users can install it from Cydia and then adjust all the Settings via the Preferences app.



Unlike Mousai, MusicMod doesn’t give you any additional features.

Instead, it will allow you to get rid of elements that you do not like in the new Apple Music. For instance, bring back the recent library, recent playlist, and playback history.

Want more? Read below.

  • Hide Connect, Radio, and “for you”/New Tabs
  • Hide recent radio stations played
  • Hide now playing down arrow
  • Disable the background blur
  • Hide status bar in either the whole app or now playing window exclusively
  • Remember song and app position from last session
  • Disable check mark animation HUD
  • Allow rotation (beta)

If you want your Apple Music to look nice and neat, MusicMod is your handy man to customize and and clean up the application.


iTunes isn’t the only software that can be used to import music, audio, and video to your iPhone and iPad. There are many alternatives out there that work beyond what we expected.

For example, a new jailbreak tweak called Audicy that allows you to import any media files right on your iOS device, meaning no need for iTunes.

It’s now very easy to take control of the app, download music and videos then import them directly to your Music app. This is extremely useful if you want to listen to music or watch movies offline (while on the road, for example).


Ultimately, the primary goal of Audicy is not to get iTunes involved or require users to connect their device to a computer (Mac or Windows).

How to Import Media Files directly on your iPhone

  1. The first thing you want to do is open Cydia
  2. Since this is not a free tweak, you will have to buy it ($2.99). Switch over to the Search option and type in Audicy
  3. After the purchase is completed, tap on Install and wait
  4. Respring your iPhone or iPad

Audicy is a standalone app instead of built-in feature for an iOS downloader. Look for the application on your home screen and launch it.


Using this tweak is just one way of doing things, users may also install YouTube++ which also included the option to download YouTube videos as either audio or original video and then import them into the Music or Video app.


Everyone seems to love dark mode these days. Twitter has it as their default feature, you can partially do the same with Snapchat, and now comes Apple Music. Erebus is a new jailbreak tweak that brings dark mode to the Music app in iOS 10.

Unlike other “dark mode” packages that already exist on Cydia, this one was designed specifically for just your stock Music app. Furthermore, it doesn’t create any problems if you also have any tweaks above installed.

Erebus is now available on the BigBoss repo for free. Once enabled, you can configure the colors and settings to your liking.



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  1. Can anyone help with find an alternative way to sync my music into my phone. I know it’d still require ITunes. But last I checked there was a way. I lost the link. So if anyone can please help out here. It’d be much appreciated.


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