Best Cydia Tweaks for Keyboard on iPhone to Enhance Your Typing Experience

I don’t think anyone would be able to use an iPhone or iPad without their keyboard. I mean we all type and perform search queries on a daily basis. And that require a panel of keys to help us communicate the system and device itself.

By default, Apple has added a few options for users to customize the way their Keyboard work on their iPhone and iPad. For example, you have functionality like:

  • Auto-Capitalization
  • Auto-Correction
  • Enable Caps Lock
  • Character Preview
  • “.” Shortcut
  • Enable Dictation
  • Words Prediction
  • And more

The good thing is that users are not restricted to live with all of these options.

You have the ability to turn any of the mentioned features on or off in the Settings app. While Apple is somewhat flexible with their Keyboard settings, we found that there is still room for improvement.

With that being said, this post is dedicated to bringing you some of the best Cydia tweaks for your Keyboard in jailbroken iOS 9 and 10.

1. KB – NoPredictiveBackground

Our first tweak will not add any extra functionality to your Keyboard. As the name suggested, this package will remove the darker background from the Predictive words that display on top of the keyboard.

The Predictive keys are useful for users to type a faster message, but its ugly separator and background color can become annoying.

KB – NoPredictiveBackground will allow you to get rid of them and have the Predictive keyboard blend in with the rest of your keys.

Compatible with iOS 9 & 10.

Available on the BigBoss repo

2. HandyKey

Do you like to type with only one hand? HandyKey is a jailbreak tweak that resizes your Keyboard and makes it easier for you to type on a bigger iPhone screen using only one hand.

When using HandyKey, you should remember the following:

  • The Keyboards will not work with some apps that require root permission
  • Compatible with Portrait keyboard layout only
  • Doesn’t work on any 3rd-party keyboards from the AppStore

Once installed from the BigBoss repo, you can set up an activation mode using Ryan Petrich’s Activator package. Therefore, users have the ability to switch back and forth between one-hand and both-hand Keyboards on their iOS devices.

3. HapticKeyboard

Ever want to add taptic feedback to your Keyboard? Now you can with the HapticKeyboard tweak. To proceed further, your device must already support haptic feedback feature.

You can install this tweak for your iOS 9 and 10 from Cydia’s BigBoss, and it’s free by the way. When done, open the Settings app and go to HapticKeyboard’s preference page to configure the tweak.

4. PredictionShortcuts

There are something you should know about me. I hate using the Predictive keyboard, and I always have a hard time selecting a particular set of text on a notepad or trying to perform a copy/paste function.

When I found out about the PredictionShortcuts tweak, I immediately install it.

This package will replace the suggested words on your Keyboard with the shortcuts button which include Paste, Select All, Undo, Copy, and more.

5. MusicalKeyboard

This tweak was developed by one of our favorite developer, Ziph0n. With this creation, it just shows why he’s always on my go-to list whenever I jailbroke my iPhone.

MuscialKeyboard will play music (with five different built-in instruments) whenever you start typing. This tweak eventually replaces the default sound whenever you’re typing. Therefore, the Sound option must be toggled to On if you want to hear the instrument from MusicalKeyboard.

Here is a short demo:

6. ColorfulKBD Pro

So you like to change the color of your Keyboard, but you hate sticking to one static color. Well, you are in the right section because there is a tweak that changes your Keyboard color at random.

This way you never get bored when typing. In additional to automating the keyboard color changing behavior, ColorfulKBD also mixes the colors between “Hue Degrees, Brightness, Saturation and Background image.”

As a result, the Keyboard on your iOS device will always be colorful and filled with different type of color tones.

That’s all we have for this list. Of course, there are many more Keyboard tweaks available on Cydia. Check them out and let us know what we should add next.

The mini guide below is for people who updated to iOS 10 and found the typing suggestions feature annoying can now turn it off.

Turn off Typing Suggestions from Keyboard

I just noticed that when you long press on the language key, it will show an option to turn off the Predictive feature.


Still don’t know how?

  1. Go to an app that lets you type (i.e., Messages)
  2. Tap on a typable area and it will pull up the Keyboard
  3. Tap and hold the language key to bringing up Predictive, Emoji, and your pre-set languages
  4. Tap on the Predictive toggle to turn it off

So convenient isn’t it? It’s not exclusive, you can do this with older firmware as well.

Here is the second method and it takes more steps.


  1. Go to Settings > General
  2. Tap on Keyboard
  3. Switch the toggle for “Predictive” to off

And you no longer have to see any word suggestions while typing.

I actually prefer the method of hiding the typing suggestions in iOS 9 more. You don’t have to turn the entire feature off. All you have to do is swipe up and down to hide and unhide it.

6. NoHandwrittenMessage

We all know how useless the new Handwriting mode in iOS 10 can be.

Okay, maybe it’s just me who feel that way. But after scouting around the web and some social media, I’ve seen a lot of people complaint about this drawing feature that Apple added to their Messages app in iOS 10.

When I upgraded to the firmware, this was the first thing I want to get rid off right away. Unfortunately, the default Keyboards settings don’t let me do that.

Why I hate Handwriting mode in iOS 10

The most annoying part about Handwriting is how it activates rather than what functionality it provide.

As soon as I turn my iPhone sideway when texting, this feature automatically popup. It automatically replaces the keyboard I was using.

There is a workaround on the web that instructs as follow:

  1. Go into landscape mode
  2. Handwriting will be pulled up, but ignore it and tap on the Keyboard icon in the bottom right
  3. This should remove the drawing pad right away

Now that my device is jailbroken, there is a better way to approach this issue. That’s using a new tweak called NoHandwrittenMessage.

How to Entirely Disable Handwriting Mode in iOS 10

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. Switch over to the Search page
  3. Type in NoHandwrittenMessage
  4. Install the tweak

Upon activating, you should be able to keep on using the same keyboard when you turn your iPhone sideways. This tweak does a good job at preventing the handwriting feature from turning on without making you do too much work.

Check it out from the BigBoss repository and let me know what you think of the tweak.

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