6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps for Apple Watch (Updated 2021)

The ball has dropped, the clock has struck midnight and it’s a great time to set some new goals for the new year! If your new year’s resolutions include getting into shape then look no further than your Apple Watch to help you achieve your fitness goals for 2021.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best exercise apps available right now for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Some of these apps will help you maximize your workouts and a couple will help give you that extra motivation to stay on target throughout the year.

Workout App

While the Apple Watch’s native workout tracker may seem an easy choice for the first app on our list, the fact of the matter is that it is a well tuned, highly refined tool that you can use to start measuring your fitness regime right away. Workout is compatible with a broad range of activities, including running, cycling, rowing and even yoga, so whatever your preferred form of exercise is Workout can help you keep tabs on your progress.

As a native app, Workout is seamlessly integrated with the Apple Watch’s overall interface, so its easy to control music and switch between functions while you exercise. The newest updates to the app have increased customization so you can tailor your experience to help monitor the statistics you are most interested in.


If you’re looking for a little more control over the data you are sending to and the reports you are receiving back from your exercise app, then Workouts++ is an excellent step up from the native Workout app.

Workouts++ is designed to reward users who are willing to put a bit more effort into setting up their experience with custom configurations in order to put the data they are interested in at their fingertips. You can even design subset configurations for the same type of exercise. For example, you could have different running displays, one for jogging around town and one for doing sprints at the gym.

Numerous updates have improved on the functionality of Workouts++. It now integrates seamlessly with the Health app and can transfer GPS data to the Activity App on your iPhone.

Click here to download Workouts++.


Trying to get to the gym more often this year? Gymaholic will help you get the most out of the time you will spend there.

Gymaholic features over 300 unique exercises for you to integrate into your workout and is an invaluable tool for strength trainers and weightlifters looking to lock down a solid routine. The Apple Watch display helps you monitor your reps and sets while keeping an eye on your heart rate and other body metrics.

If you don’t mind bringing your iPhone with you once or twice, you can take advantage of some of Gymaholic’s other cool features such an augmented reality function that shows you exactly how to perform the various exercises included in the app.

Click here to download Gymaholic.


On the other hand, if working out in the gym isn’t a part of your plan to get in shape this year, then Streaks might be a better choice for you. Streaks is composed of 30 equipment free workouts, each of which is offered at four different difficulty settings – quick, everyday, tough and pain.

The app features a clean interface of rounded icons that make it easy to navigate on your Apple Watch, and the app tracks your workouts so you can cycle through the various exercises. It also features straightforward animations along with audible tips on how you can perform each exercise with better technique and improved posture.

Click here to download Streaks.


While setting a better exercise routine is a wonderful resolution, it may not be your only one for 2019. If your personal improvement goals include listening to more podcasts or books on tape this year, then check Runtastic out.

On top of being a fully featured exercise app with an extremely active community, Runtastic features a great feature called Story Running. Story Running sets your exercise to an audio program that is typically about 40 minutes long, letting you consume a wealth of new information while you get your miles in.

Click here to download Runtastic.


Finally, if you are worried that stats and reminders won’t be enough to keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals for the coming year, then CARROT Fit may be the app that will be able to motivate you.

CARROT Fit puts you through 12 workouts lasting 30 seconds each, and uses a combination of insults, inspirations, rewards and flat-out bribes to cajole you into completing your routine. The app features amusing, well-written banter to both distract from the challenge and encourage you to keep going. In addition, you will receive various rewards at specific intervals, such as app upgrades or fun cat facts. CARROT Fit is designed to sync with Apple’s Health app so you can record the abuse you endure and the progress you’ve made.

Click here to download CARROT Fit.

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