3 best iTunes Alternatives for Jailbroken iPhone & iPad

3 best iTunes Alternatives for Jailbroken iPhone & iPad

iTunes is like Internet Explorer.

When you first purchase a PC, the only browsing option is Internet Explorer.

When you buy an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, somehow you will have to download iTunes no matter what.

There is no escape! and both sucks.

Although this software has received some tremendous changes recently. But all of it is just for the interface. I still see a lot of useless features existing in iTunes.


It’s bloated and too slow to get a simple task done.

With that being said, let’s find out if there is iTunes alternative for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

While searching, we focus on utilities with features like transferring media files such as songs & videos, install .IPA (unsigned applications), and light in weight.


PwnTunes would be the first choice I’d go with when it comes to an iTunes alternative. Why? Because you don’t have to download any separate software on your computer, not even iTunes. Instead, you can directly get it for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad right from Cydia.

  1. Jailbreak your device
  2. Open up Cydia > Sections > Data Storage
  3. Look for PwnTunes > Install

Recently, PwnTunes has been updated to support iOS 9, so that’s a great news for users who just updated to Apple’s latest firmware. Once you got the tweak up and running, connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer, open up your device’s directory from the PC.


Noticed something different there? There are more folders than before because PwnTunes have given you access to the Music files as well as others. In other words, users don’t have to open up iTunes and go through the whole syncing and updating process again. All they have to do is drag and drop any media files they wish to transfer to the appropriate folder.

Unfortunately, this tweak is not available for Mac OS X users. You can grab the latest copy of PwnTunes for iOS 9 from Cydia’s default repository for $12.99.


iFunbox is more than just a simple iTunes alternative, this utility provides features that users can use to manage files and applications. Just like PwnTunes, iPhone users can drag and drop music or any media files from a computer and import it to their device. Furthermore, they can also export existence pictures or videos from the iOS device to PC.


For all the iOS developers out there, you can use iFunbox to install your own unsigned application (.IPA) for testing purposes before submitting it to the App Store. It has been known that people utilize iFunbox for illegal activities using this feature, however, if you know how to use it correctly, this software is your best friend to debugs and find problems.

Last but not least, using iFunbox, iOS users will have total control over their native file system, explore what’s inside the App Sandbox, use iPhone as a USB drive, and it’s totally free.


So all you want is an iTunes alternative that just have one single feature, transferring media files to your iPhone and it has to be free. Stop looking on Google and get to know PodTrans, one of the top software that let you transfer music, videos, movies, and podcasts without requiring an iTunes installation.


PodTrans also has drag and drop feature which make things a lot easier for beginners. You can download this software for either the Mac or Windows on iMobie page.

Those are some of the best iTunes alternatives that I had a chance to use with my iPhone to import and export media files. Let me know which one is your favorite software in the comment section below.