10 Best Siri Cydia Tweaks to Make the Assistant Smarter on Your iPhone

Siri is one of the major drawbacks of Apple when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Siri came out with iPhone 4s in 2011 and hadn’t made much progress in the past six years, whereas Google’s and Amazon’s AI have shown significant improvements.

In fact, Google Assistant (Google’s AI) has come so far that it can detect almost any language on the planet, as Google’s is now a smartphone producer too, its prime competition is with Apple. We have all seen the ‘Siri VS Google Assistant’ videos before. And Apple has definitely lost in the AI game.

But nonetheless, Jailbroken users can still improve Siri on their iPhone with some amazing tweaks that are available on Cydia. Included are the top 10 tweaks that can help make Siri smarter so that the AI is more efficient and understand your commands faster.


This tweak lets you give commands to Siri using the spotlight search. It is same as editing the spoken sentence on Siri, rather now you just have to type directly instead of speaking and then editing. SiriSpotlight is very helpful if have an accent issue when using it. Siri sometimes has difficulty understanding a command especially if English is not your native language.

Once you install this tweak, add a prefix ‘Siri’ and then type whatever you want to ask from Siri in the spotlight search.

For example; “Siri what is the weather outside,” Siri will reply instantly with voice. SiriSpotlight is now available for free from the BigBoss repo.


Siri just sucks when it comes to being patients. I personally have this problem with Siri where it keeps on interrupting me before I can complete my sentence.

As the name suggested, this tweak is the solution to this problem, after you install SiriKeepListening from BigBoss, Siri will not cut you off even if you stop a bit to catch a breath or mild pause.


Credit: Youtuber Foxy Ellz

As I mentioned earlier, Siri isn’t as vast as Google Assistant, and it won’t be able to understand many languages.

This tweak adds a whole new bunch of different languages to Siri (for the older version of iOS). Originally, Siri can speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. As Apple updating their firmware, Siri gets more support for other languages such as Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, and several others. But for Siri to speak these updated languages, you have to upgrade to the newest iOS firmware.

Not everyone is willing to update, and that’s why their Siri isn’t modernized in term of language compatibility. MoreSiri aims to solve this problem by adding all the new languages that Apple has added to older versions. For example: iOS 5 – 8.2.


If you own a Pebble watch instead of an Apple Watch (which is totally understandable) and you want Siri to work on this gadget, then the tweak below is a must.

“PebbleSiri” will allow your Pebble smartwatch to take advantage of Siri and its functions. But it may not work as smooth and subtle as it does on the Apple watch. You also need the Smartwatch+ app from Cydia (BigBoss Repo) to make this tweak fully compatible.

Once installed, make sure that you connect your Pebble watch to the smartwatch+ app on your iPhone.


For all the Reddit users out there, this tweak is your jam. With orangeAssistant, you can make Siri check for your unread messages from Reddit and read them out loud. Furthermore, it also can command Siri to reply to your unread messages on Reddit.

Once the orangeAssistant tweak is installed from Cydia, go to the Settings app and allow the tweak to access your Reddit account. (It’s safe, don’t worry). Then ask Siri to read your Reddit messages by saying, “Read new Orange messages.” To reply to a message, start off with “Reply” and then whatever your comment is.

orangeAssistant is not a free Cydia tweak ($0.99). However, the developer behind it, Healdb, insist on giving users his tweak for free if they email him their Cydia ID. Please only do so if you can’t afford it.


NoSiriEmergency allows you to disable the ‘911’ call by Siri. This tweak is for the users that may have kids around or have a pocket full of stuff that triggers Siri at unwanted times.

You can still call 911 using Siri by pressing the call button that it will show once you ask it to call 911. This jailbreak tweak only turn off the auto-call feature.

Adiutor (ClassicSiri)

Aduitor is for those who like hitting it with nostalgia; this tweak brings back a combination of the old and the new Siri. Remember how Siri used to cover just 1/6th of the screen back in iOS 6? Well, Aduitor will do exactly just that. It makes Siri go to down the bottom of the screen rather than going fullscreen when activated.

A “full interface” switch will also be included just in case you need to browse the web page that opens within Siri.


Tired of invoking Siri with ‘Hey Siri’? Want to summon Siri using personal phrases instead?

With QuickSiri, you can invoke Siri using your own personal commands, no need to be same as everyone else. With the general settings page, you can set up to 5 different phrases to activate Siri. Not to mention, the QuickSiri tweak also supports all languages.

What’s this song, Siri?

Did you know Siri can identify a song that’s playing on the Radio or anywhere that can be heard? It uses Shazam to make this feature work. The thing is asking Siri “What song is playing?” while the music is super loud can be hectic.

With this tweak, you can just take advantage of an Activator gesture. For example, whenever I swipe right from the status bar, Siri will understand that I want to know what song is currently being played.

Wake with Weather 2.0

Everyone likes to know what’s it like outside when they wake up. This tweak does exactly as the name suggests. As soon as your alarms go off Siri will activate and informs you about the weather updates.

All you need is an alarm to wake you up and the “Wake With Weather” tweak installed from the BigBoss repo. Also, don’t forget to enable it from the Settings app and customize its settings to your liking

That’s all we have for you, folks. Hopefully, these Cydia tweaks for Siri will help you get your commands done faster and in a better way. Siri will get better in future for sure, but at least for now we can make it smarter ourselves.

Bonus: Turn Off Voice Control and Siri Altogether

no voice control tweak

If you don’t like Siri and Voice Control, there is a tweak that allows you to disable both features at the same time.

To turn off Voice Control without enabling Siri:

  1. Open up Cydia
  2. Go to the BigBoss repo
  3. Look for a tweak called No Voice Control
  4. Install it for your device

Before everything go into full affect, you will also need to disable Siri as well. To do so, go to the Settings app > General > Siri and turn it off. After that, press and hold the home button for a few seconds. If you do not see Voice Control turning on then, it means both features has been disabled.

From now on, you don’t have to deal with accidental phone calls or random sound coming out of your jeans pocket.

We also found another method which doesn’t involve jailbreaking your device.

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode
  2. Select Turn on Passcode
  3. Input your desired passcode
  4. Look for Voice Dial and turn it off

Be aware that this will only disables voice dialing, Music Voice Control is always enabled.

Updating to iOS 10.2

Did you know that Apple have finally lifted their restriction of having at least Voice Control or Siri enabled?

You can now disable Voice Control without having to install a Cydia tweak or turn on Siri.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to Accessibility > Home button
  3. Look for Press and Hold to Speak and tap on Off

This setting will ensure that when you press and hold the home button, it would not activate Siri or Voice Control.

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