How to Remove Ads From Cydia and Its Tweaks

In iOS 9, Apple introduced a really neat feature called Content Blocker for their very own default browser Safari. Using third-party ad-blockers from the App Store, iPhone and iPad users can quickly block ads while browsing with Safari.

Wouldn’t it also be good if we can block ads while looking through Cydia repository and installing jailbreak tweaks? Well, that is certainly possible using a new tweak called CleanCydia. This new package will allow you to remove most ads from Cydia sources.

To clarify, Saurik does not implement or display any of these ads in his app. You will only see advertisements inside a tweak’s page. For example, when you’re looking at details about a particular tweak from the BigBoss repo or ModMyi. That being said, the repo owners are responsible for serving advertisements on their repository.

According to the developer of this tweak, Cydia relies on web views to show packages; this means ‘CleanCydia’ will just look for outgoing ad URLs and block them.

…references with a blocked list, and forbids ad requests.

The concept is similar to any other ad-blockers.

I don’t think you want to see these ads (any longer?)

Click to play advertisement

Dating ad on Cydia

Zoosk ad popup on Cydia

As /u/eaglebtc reported, some ads even redirect you over to the App Store automatically.

How to Remove Most Ads in Cydia

  1. Go on Cydia and install iFile
  2. To install CleanCydia, click here from your Safari browser
  3. Once done, tap on Open in “iFile”
  4. Now choose Installer to install the .deb file

That is how you can easily download a .deb from Github or non-hosted repo and quickly install it onto your iOS device.

CleanCydia should work right out of the box, no need to configure or enable anything. To do a final test, just launch Cydia and visit a package inside it.

Ads has been removed from BigBoss repo

This tweak was designed to block ads that are specifically from Cydia sources. You will not be able to use it for any other apps on your iPhone.

Can I Remove Ads from a Specific Tweak?

While most tweaks from Cydia should be ad-free, some like YouTube++ or Phantom for Snapchat are the few exceptions. There is no particular ad-blocker tweak to perform this job. However, you can always reach out to the developer and explain your situation. Why you want to remove the ads or why you can’t afford to pay to remove them.

If you’re using any ++ tweaks from UnlimApps, here’s a nice little trick to help you get rid of ads without paying a single dime, coming directly from the creator.

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