How to Block Unknown Callers or Know Who’s Calling on iPhone

If your iPhone has an active calling service, chances are you will get some calls from advertising companies, scammers, and people with “No Caller ID” or as I called it the unknown callers.

Apple has thought about this situation when developing their iPhone and iPad; that’s why you can block any callers you want.

With that being said, I’ll show a few methods as to how you can block unknown callers on your iPhone or look up who’s calling before you answer.

How to Block Unknown Callers in iOS

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap on Do Not Disturb setting > Enable Manual
  3. Under it is the option called Allow Calls From
  4. Go in there and select All Contacts

The setting you just configured will allow only the numbers in your contact list to go through. If you didn’t add the number, it wouldn’t even show up.

A better way to combat this problem is by looking up who’s calling before you decide to pick up the phone or not.

I recently found a Cydia tweak named PhoneCaller that will let you do that. Sometimes a relative of yours might be calling whom you do not have their number as your contacts. Instead of blocking them by default, this solution is much better.

Recently, Apple also released the option to just block all unknown callers and have them go straight to voicemail.  

How to Identify Unknown Callers on your iPhone

  1. Head over to your Cydia’s BigBoss repo
  2. Purchase and install the PhoneCaller tweak
  3. This package requires an app called TrueCaller as well, click here to download it

When done, you will be able to use it right away. When an incoming call is received, PhoneCaller will look up that number and provide you with their caller ID along with their photo (if applicable).

You can also have this tweak lookup an existence number before you dial it as well.

Other useful features include:

  • Compact Mode: Display Caller ID’s name as a simple plain text only.
  • Ability to identify and save caller ID right from Phone application logs by swiping on number
  • Ability to set a duration of how long the caller info shall be displayed for.

The good thing about this Cydia tweak is that it has support for multiple firmware versions ranging from iOS 7 to iOS 9.

Watch a short video below to see how it works.

No Caller ID Blocker

If you don’t like to configure the Do Not Disturb mode in the first tutorial we showed you; there is a tweak that helps to block incoming “No Caller ID” phone calls on your iPhone.

This tweak, of course, will work upon activation and you don’t even have to set Do Not Disturb to manual mode. All of your current iOS settings can stay as is.

Keep in mind that even though you will not be informed about these No Caller ID calls, they will still be shown in the call log.

Give it a try by installing this package from the BigBoss repository for free. It’s compatible with both iOS 8 and 9.

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