How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection for Uber Driver app on Your iPhone

How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection for Uber Driver app on Your iPhone

Even though you can do almost anything with your iPhone when it’s jailbroken, sometimes users have to sacrifice their favorite apps just to keep all the customizations powered by Cydia tweaks and themes.

Most of you who have a jailbroken device must be similar with popular apps like PayPal, Adidas, and Snapchat blocking users from using their app until they give up their jailbreak. The same goes for the Uber Driver app from the App Store.

If you:

  • Are an Uber driver
  • Have a jailbroken iPhone

You must have seen this message when you open your Uber Driver app:

Jailbroken phones are not permitted to access the Uber network. Please restore your device to a non-jailbroken state

I hope you didn’t restore your iPhone yet because there is a way to bypass the jailbreak detection for the Uber Driver app. Just like the other apps we’ve covered on this blog, you’re going to install a dedicated tweak for the Uber Driver app. This tweak will be responsible for bypassing the jailbreak detection. As a result, you will be able to drive for Uber while keeping your jailbroken device.

Before we begin, it’s important that you understand why Uber decided to block jailbroken users from using their Partner app. It’s to prevent you from faking your location. If you’re going to bypass this restriction, please do not use any location faker tweaks from Cydia.


As the name suggested, this tweak will be able to remove the jailbreak detection from your Uber Driver app. Once installed, it will also block location spoofing detection. But again, that’s the reason why Uber blocks jailbroken users from using their app in the first place. We highly recommend you do not use this for location spoofing.

No option needed to configure. All you have to do is install NoUbDriverJailbreak from the BigBoss repo, and you’re set.


Fixed “Malformed Request” bug (again) and a bug that didn’t let drivers choose their vehicle.


This is a recently released jailbreak tweak requested by a Reddit user from the r/Jailbreak sub. It does the same thing from the tweak above.

To install UberDriverPatch, add the following URL to your repository list:

We heard from several others that Xcon also works in this case as well. We haven’t give that a try yet, but you can feel free to do so.

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