Can I Jailbreak the Apple Watch? Here’s the Latest Update

The Apple Watch has gone through 3 different generations (Series) and admittedly, there are a handful of missing features that would greatly benefit the users. Some people wait for Apple to make improvements while others ask the serious question: can you jailbreak an Apple Watch?

watchOS jailbreak at Defcon

At Def Con 25 event (last year), hacker Max Bazaliy of the Fried Apple Team shows a jailbreak for Apple Watch running on watchOS 3.

For clarification, this is nowhere similar a typical iOS jailbreak. Users shouldn’t expect to see something like Cydia getting installed on the Apple Watch. The jailbreak that was demonstrated allows developers to access “sensitive” information that normal Apple Watch users won’t have access to.

Moreover, it also includes support for SSH. This means you can edit the filesystem of your Apple Watch.

OverCl0ck Jailbreak for Apple Watch

OverCl0ck is a jailbreak for watchOS 3 that is still in the state of prototype and under development. It was posted on Github by developer Ben Sparkes (the creator of Meridian jailbreak for iOS 10.x). Just like some of the most recent jailbreak releases, it used the v0rtex exploit to gain root access on your Apple Watch.

As of right now, the OverCl0ck jailbreak supports the following firmware and devices:

  • watchOS 3.x.x
  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch Series 2

You can check out the progress and everything else related to this project on its Github page.

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