How To Enable Visual Voicemail For iPhone

Have you been doing endless searches to figure out how to enable visual voicemail for iPhone when every single article says it’s as simple as just having an iPhone with activated voicemail?  Trust me, I know the frustration. For years, I have not had visual voicemail while everyone around me can easily read a transcript … Read more

How to Sync Contacts From Your iPhone

Keeping your contacts straight is one of the most important aspects of owning a mobile device. When software problems arise, you may lose important contacts and other data. If you haven’t previously backed these contacts up, you may find yourself scrambling to track down friends and family. Thankfully, backing up your contacts is easy to … Read more

iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode – Troubleshooting Guide

We use our phones to consume many different types of media on a daily basis. When watching videos or discreetly listening to music on the go, plugging in your headphones is a necessity. Thankfully, we can control our headphone volume directly by using the volume buttons. Unfortunately, some users may find their iPhone stuck in … Read more

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