How to Fix “UnitHandlerd” will damage your computer Error

The problem: My Macbook appears to be infected with malware called UnitHandlerd. It says, “UnitHandlerd” will damage your computer. This file was downloaded from an unknown date. Is there a solution? Yes! UnitHandlerd isn’t a typical app that you can uninstall easily. But there are malware removal softwares for macOS that can be used to help … Read more

How to Turn On ‘Do Not Disturb’ on Mac

Have you ever just sat down at your Mac and wanted to accomplish a task only to be bombarded with tons of notifications and noises? It’s pretty distracting for sure!  Sometimes we just want to be left alone and not have those pesky notifications. An easy way to accomplish this is to turn on the … Read more

How to Authorize Your Computer For iTunes

If you are a habitual iTunes user, you may often use the iTunes Store to download music, videos, and other media. Additionally, your computer will have access to apps, audiobooks, books, and other content. If you are planning to make purchases using your Apple ID, you first need to authorize your computer. This grants your … Read more

How to Open RAR Files on Mac

MacOS has the ability to open many different file types, which is common with any operating system. However, opening RAR files on your Mac can be a challenge. Unfortunately for users, macOS includes no built-in way of opening this file format. In this guide, we will show you how to open RAR files on Mac. … Read more

Stop iTunes From Opening Automatically

For many users, one nagging iTunes annoyance begins as soon as they plug in their iDevices via USB. By default, iTunes opens automatically when it detects an iOS device. From there, that device starts syncing. In many cases, you may just prefer to sync wireless with iTunes, or want to charge your phone without a … Read more

Mac Task Manager: Introduction to Activity Monitor

Last week, we talked about how users can boost productivity by using some macOS tips. Unfortunately, Mac users often overlook their Mac task manager – Activity Monitor, one of the most important apps on macOS. For those coming from Windows, Activity Monitor plays the same role as Task Manager. Users can keep their machines running … Read more

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