How to Change iPhone Theme Without Jailbreak Using iSkin


Looking for Winterboard-like for iOS devices? You’ve come to the right place. So recently, you’ve seen people hiding their iPhone dock without having to jailbreak the device, right? Well, here is something more exciting and beyond what we thought of. As you may know, when an iPhone or iPad is not jailbroken, there aren’t a … Read more

How to Screenshot a Portion of iPhone or iPad Screen

Everyone is familiar with the traditional built-in screenshot feature on their iPhone and iPad. It’s relatively easy to do so, using your Home + Power buttons at the same time, you can quickly capture a screenshot of your current iOS screen. But what about screenshoting only just a portion of the screen of your iPhone … Read more

How to Change the Version of iPhone Apps & Firmware

Changing the version number of your iPhone applications isn’t something any of you may want to do. Perhaps you would even ask me why. Well, I don’t even know how this tutorial came to mind, but this can be an opportunity for some users to learn more about their file system and edit it. You … Read more

How to unlock iPhone 3GS Newboot on iOS 6.1.6

For those of you who upgraded to iOS 6.1.6 but forgot to save the SHSH file for it, you’ll not be able to untethered jailbreak the device and unlock your iPhone. Therefore, you can only be running on 4.1 or 6.1.6 only. Currently, there are no tools to create an iOS 6.1.6 Custom Firmware. So … Read more

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