Best Cydia Tweaks to Charge Your iPhone or iPad Faster

Forgetting to charge your iPhone or iPad can become a serious problem when you don’t have a smart battery case or power banks on the go. The only solution now is to plug your iOS device into an outlet and wait for it to get some battery juice or enough to help you perform a major task.

The thing about charging an iOS device is that it can take awhile to achieve a good battery level, by that I mean around 70% or higher. If you are a busy person then making sure your iPhone and iPad is fully charged can be difficult consider the charging time.


There are a few default methods that you can use to make your Apple devices charge faster. You can turn off the device completely, turn on AirPlane Mode, or turn on Low Power Mode. Ultimately, their job is to either disable everything or only the battery-consuming functionalities to help your iPhone or iPad charge faster.

In addition to that, we also discovered a few tweaks from Cydia that can provide a better charging speed for iOS devices. Check them out below.

1. Faster Charging

As the name suggested, Faster Charging is a free Cydia tweak that will help you charge your iPhone faster. When you install it from the BigBoss repo, there will be a preference page in the stock Settings app.

Go in there and enable the tweak. This will eventually activate “Faster Charger” and “Always Save Power Mode” features that are included in the package. If you want faster animation on your iOS device, then turn on the second option.

When all the settings have been activated or disabled, tap on the Respring button to make changes to the system. Faster Charging tweak is now compatible with iOS 9 and 10.

2. ChargingDone

I never use an Android before, but one of my favorite feature from there is called Battery Full Charge Notification (via an app from the Play Store). Who would want to sit next to their device and wait for it to get charged completely, especially having to turn on and turn off the device every few minutes just to check its percentage?

Get notified when iPhone or iPad is done charging


You know that having your iPhone remain plugged in after it has reached 100% charged isn’t good for the battery health right? That’s why it’s beneficial to know right away when the device is fully charged.

To solve this problem, all you have to do is install the DoneCharging tweak by developer Ziph0n.

  1. Go to Cydia and reload your packages
  2. Search for a tweak called ChargingDone from the BigBoss repo then install it
  3. Respring and go to the stock Settings page

Under General, switch the toggle to green. After that, choose which type of notification system you want to use, there are Popup and Banner. Additional options like Vibration, Sound, and custom Sound file are also included.

From now on, you don’t have to keep checking every once in awhile to see if your iPhone is finished charging or not. Go on with your other task and the device will let you know through either sound notification or vibration that it’s fully charged.

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