Can’t Control Your iPhone Music on watchOS 4? Read This

Here’s the sad news: Apple Watch users who upgraded to watchOS 4 will no longer be able to control the music app on their iPhone from the watch. This feature has been removed from the latest watchOS firmware.

Some people have started discussions and threads on the Apple forum to address this nasty surprise that annoys them. Many music fanatics were asking where they can control the music being played from their iPhone on their Apple Watch. Others wanted to know why Apple decided to remove the ability to control iPhone music from the Apple Watch.

Let me tell you: watchOS 4 didn’t ditch this feature entirely. Here’s a breakdown of the new changes.

Change #1: Play music stored on Apple Watch

With watchOS 4, you can only select to play music that you’ve synced with your Apple Watch. Basically, you can’t browse your iPhone music collection from the watch. All the songs now have to be transferred separately.

Change #2: Controlling the iPhone Music app

Unlike the previous firmware, in watchOS 4, if you started playing a song or playlist on the iPhone, you can skip, pause, etc. from the watch. However, you can no longer browse music that is located on your iPhone from the Apple Watch.

Change #3: The Now Playing app

The current closest thing to controlling your iPhone music from the Apple Watch is called the Now Playing app. You can even add it to the watch face. Open the Music app on your iPhone, play a song, and it will show up on the Now Playing feature on your Apple Watch. You can quickly pause, rewind, or skip a song.

The three dots button (Tap for more) will allow you to Delete From Library, Love, and Dislike.

Hopefully, this article answers all of your confusion regarding the ability to control the iPhone music app from your Apple Watch running watchOS 4. If you wish to downgrade, you can contact Apple.

Change #4: It’s coming back in watchOS 4.3

It was spotted in the first beta version of watchOS 4.3. This feature is making a comeback after being removed by Apple in watchOS 4. Once you upgrade your Apple Watch to the new firmware, it will let you browse and play music that is on your iPhone.

Also, users will be able to select where to play the music. Available options include iPhone’s speaker, AirPods, and Apple TV.

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  1. I’m currently using Now Playing to listen to my New Music playlist (the one Apple Music provides).

    There is no 3 dots button that I can access to indicate Love, Dislike, etc.


  2. It’s very suspicious that this feature was removed and I am also skeptical that it will return in its full form. Most likely to have a few more unwanted surprises. We shall see.

  3. Wow thanks for calming me down. This was one of the biggest reasons to buy an Apple Watch. Playing music from my apple watch without having to get out my phone. I was upset you could choose songs on you watch but happy to hear it’s coming back! Why are you the only website that knows this?

    • Still not fully restored as suspected. Also still no hint of it returning in new watchOS for Apple Watch 4. Apple doesn’t get it. We need a valid reason or we need to have it returned.

  4. Never fully returned as suspected. Also still not available on new Apple Watch 4. With all the “new features” it is a nice gadget but overall useless without full music controls

  5. I bought my apple watch to control the volume of my iphone and its gone now. Was a much safer way than picking up the phone to do it while driving.


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