How to Create a Fake Notification Banner on Your iPhone

How to Create a Fake Notification Banner on Your iPhone

There are multiple ways you can troll or prank your friends especially if you have an iPhone. In the past, we’ve seen several Siri pranks, the never-disappear bubble text in iMessage, and much more. In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to create your own self-made notification banner.

What’s a notification banner? It’s an alert that your iPhone and its application send out whenever there is an update within the app. For example, you get a notification when someone sends you a text message, called you, or gave your photo a like on Instagram. A lot of people can draft up some “prank ideas” with their fake notification banners.

With that being said, I’m going to do those geniuses a favor and guide them through the process.

1. Fake Banners

This is a Cydia tweak developed by Daniel Taub that will let you fake the iOS banners of any of your applications. Like I explained earlier, each app on your iPhone send out a different notification with their unique icon and label on it. Fake Banners can create the same duplicate with your own custom text.

Fake Banners is available in the MacCiti repository. It makes use of another tweak called Activator to help you trigger a command for the false notification banner to be sent out. Activator is a powerful tweak, so it gives you many activation methods to choose from. For instance, triple press on the home button or double tap on the status bar.

When you got to the setting page, just type in the title of your fake notification along with its message then choose Apply Changes. Don’t forget to select your Activation Methods.

2. TestBanner

TestBanner is another similar tweak to Fake Banners. Created by developer rvirajm, it also takes advantage of the Activator tweak to show or test your fake notification banner.

No other features are included. Go to the ModMyi repo, install TestBanner on your iOS device configure it to your liking via the Settings app, and assign a Activator gesture.

What About Android Devices?

If you want to fake your Android notification banners, I suggest going straight to the Play Store. There are a few good applications such as NotifyMe.

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