Cydia Impactor Errors: The Complete List & How to Fix Them

No technology is complete without giving its users some error message or codes along the way.

In this case, I’m talking about Cydia Impactor.

While it’s no technology device, this utility is critical to a lot of iOS users, especially the ones that do not have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

In fact:

Even if you have a jailbroken iOS device, the Cydia Impactor tool can really be helpful as we all know AppSync Unified still hasn’t been updated for iOS 10.

Good News! Version 6.0~b1 now works on iOS 10!

Plus, many of our tutorials here have Cydia Impactor as a prerequisite before proceeding further into the instructions.

That being said, if you ever run into any issues with this tool, the list below will get you out of it.

cydia impactor error 42 image


A user recently reported this error message to me as he tried to use Cydia Impactor on his Mac and it shows:

http-sox.cpp:133 An SSL error has occurred, and a secure connection to the server cannot be made

…after he entered his Apple ID credentials.

I didn’t personally experience this trouble, so the following fix was contributed by a user from Reddit.

  1. Force close Cydia Impactor
  2. Launch iTunes and sync your device
  3. Quit iTunes and re-open Cydia Impactor
  4. Try to sideload your iOS app again


We just talked about an SSL error in Cydia Impactor, so mind as well mentions another one.

Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates. SSL certificate problem: self-signed certificate in the certificate chain

Lucky for you, this problem can be solved without having to do much. Saurik just updated his tool to address to issue. All you have to do is uninstall your current version and click here to download the latest update of Cydia Impactor.


If you see a popup that says,


An invalid value ‘CY- mach_portal’ was provided for the parameter ‘appIdName

Then you might want to also upgrade your Cydia Impactor to the newest version.


Unlike other errors, this one actually gives you an explanation that’s easy to understand. If you didn’t catch it, I would repeat it again.

The system version is lower than the minimum OS version specified for bundle…

In other words, your iPhone or iPad isn’t running on one of the iOS version that’s compatible with the iOS app. The best thing to do is upgrade your firmware.

Alternative fix if extra_recipe is refusing to install.

  1. Unzip the IPA
  2. Navigate to Payload > extra_recipe > Select show package contents > Payload > Info.plist
  3. Change MinimumOSVersion to 10.0.0
  4. Compress the Payload file
  5. Change its extension from .ZIP to .IPA
  6. Now try again using Cydia Impactor. Thanks /u/System0verlord


Here’s the full log:

ipa.cpp 179 application already installed as incompatible team

If you encountered this problem while re-jailbreaking your home depot jailbreak or yalu, then the best thing to do is remove either app from your iOS device and then try again.


Sounds a bit extreme, isn’t it?



Don’t worry; I had this issue before in Cydia Impactor. The way I troubleshoot this problem was super easy.

Disconnect your device from the computer. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location and Privacy. Plug your device back to the computer and open iTunes. On your iPhone screen, it should have a popup with the “Trust” button on it, tap on that and you can use Cydia Impactor again.

The lockdown:57 error will eventually go away.

Note: If you received this error while running iOS 11, it means that Cydia Impactor is not compatible with your firmware yet. To learn more about that, read this article.


provision.cpp:62 _assert(response.head[“content-type”] == “text/x-xml-plist”)

The fix for this error is quite weird if you ask me. Just keep entering your Apple Id and password until the error no longer appears.

But many times? Several users reported that it took them about 5 – 10 tries until Impactor would start working again.


Someone on Twitter recently reached out to me and asked about an error in Cydia Impactor called provision.cpp:71. Although upgrading to the latest version will not help you resolve this issue, we have found a way to fix it.


You already have a current iOS Development certificate or pending certificate request.

This Cydia Impactor Error is one that has been popping up a lot lately.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the detailed guide on how to fix it this Cydia error:

  1. Launch Cydia Impactor on your Mac or Windows computer
  2. Click Revoke Certificates under the Xcode menu
  3. Enter your Apple ID


./plist.hpp:92 _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING)

Technically this is an error, but it won’t prevent Impactor from installing the app on your device. In fact, once you see the hpp:92 warning, it means the app has been successfully installed.

Just open your iPhone and check if the application is there. In most cases, it should.


When you install an IPA through Cydia Impactor, it will show a progress bar to let you know the current installation status. At some point in time, you might be stuck at “PreflightingApplication.” This means your iOS device and the sideload apps you’re trying to use are incompatible with each other.

For example, you can’t install a Pangu jailbreak on a 32-bit device. To solve this issue, you will have to download the right IPA file.


Image credit: /user/DeyyTeam

Unlike other errors, when Cydia Impactor is stuck at the VerifyingApplication screen, it means there’s a loss in connections between the utility, the IPA file, and your iOS device.

To fix this problem, use one of the following tips:

  • Turn on Airplane Mode and turn it off (after a minute or so)
  • Hard resetting your iPhone or iPad
  • Delete the existing profile from the Settings app (if this happen during a re-sign process)
  • Check for two-factor authentication

I was able to get past the VerifyingApplication log after deleting Yalu and rebooted my device.


Users have seen this new Cydia Impactor error called provision.cpp:138 which we were unable to find the cause behind it. As of now, we’ve tried the revoke certificate method, making a new Apple ID account, and using a different IPA source. Nothing has helped so far.

The best way to bypass this error at the moment is to install your IPA from a third-party app installer. You can check out a full list of them from here.

Update #1: Saurik just updated Cydia Impactor to version 0.9.44. According to the changelog, this update should fix the “maxQuantity error due to Apple change.”


When you see this Cydia Impactor error, it means that the system version is lower than the minimum operating system version specified. The IPA zip file may be dragging and causing this error to appear. If this is the case, extract the zip file at the desktop and drag it to the software.

You can also try using a VPN from another region to try again or use a different tool to sign in to the IPA file. Some have tried to use iOS App Signer to resign yalu.ipa and then installed the latest Impactor, and this solution worked for them.


If you run into a message that says runtime error or this application has requested the Runtime to terminate unusually, then you should try installing the latest and newest version of Visual C++ Redistribution.


If you signed in to your device with a Microsoft account, then the Cydia Impactor software might not work. When signing in with a Microsoft account, some activities are considered a security breach and are prohibited, and the Cydia Impactor may be one of those things that are prohibited.


No. Jailbreaking is what voids the warranty. If you need to use the warranty, then you can use Cydia Impactor to unjailbreak the iOS device before you send it in for service. You can also choose to restore the system via iTunes. Apple can’t distinguish a previously jailbroken iPhone if a proper restore on the device has been completed.


No. You don’t need X Code for Cydia Impactor, even if you are using the feature to sign into IPA files. When you want to download new versions, check for updates under the Impactor menu. You will also find that the Impactor will occasionally prompt you when there are new versions available.


It’s important to me that those will be the only Cydia Impactor errors that you encountered because the fix for them is included above.

However, if you ever experienced another issue that wasn’t mentioned here, be sure to comment down below so we can all help each other out.

Cydia Impactor Unable to Recognize iPhone

Check out this tutorial if Cydia Impactor fails to recognize your iPhone.

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  1. Thankzz very much man. At first I had the 158 error but then I got the latest update. It didn’t come up again but then the other error would popup.

  2. i am trying to install pokemon go on my ipad & iphone and i receive this message : ” http-win.cpp:158 Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem : self signed certificate in certificate chain

  3. Using Cydia Impactor 9.41 to install Kodi 17 IPA but getting message “cpp:81 submitDeveloperCSR you already have a current IOS development certificate or a pending certificate request” Please Advise! Thx…

  4. Every time I try to drag kodi 16.1 ito impactor it ask for my Apple ID and username after I type in the password this is what I get every time Mine says cannot unzip kodi 16.1 iOS shortcut link not a zip archive

  5. My Cydia Impactor stopped working altogether. I don’t get any type of error. Cydia Impactor will initiate and then stop.

  6. I’m on the latest Cydia Impactor and have tried using the revoke feature under the Xcode dropdown but still get the following error (when trying to install the Live Wire TVOS ipa to my Apple TV)

    ios/addAppid = 1200

    Can anybody help me, it’s driving me mad!

    Thank you in advance.

  7. Keep getting this error while installing kodi on Apple TV. Been doing it for 4 months now and all of a sudden I get this error message: ./plist.hpp:88
    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) ==PLIST_STRING

  8. I am getting this error when trying to install pokego++
    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING

    It actually appears to load completely, but does not work correctly (joystick doesn’t do anything). I am using an IMac w/10.10.1. I was able to install pokego++ succesfully to my IPhone, but I am unable to install to my Ipad. Both had worked previously for several weeks.

  9. I keep getting the 168 error requesting an appleID login. Have one and it still won’t work. Have the latest versions etc.

  10. installation.cpp:42
    Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/ 0xe8008016 (The executable was signed into invalid entitlements.

  11. ich hab dieses Problem was kann man dagegen machen. habs zwar hier gelesen aber keiner hat den diese lösungbeschrieben

    ich bin auf dem neuesten Cydia Impactor und habe mit dem revoke Feature unter dem Xcode Dropdown versucht, aber immer noch die folgende Fehlermeldung (beim Versuch, den Live Wire TVOS ipa meines Apple TV zu installieren)

    provision.cpp: 81
    ios / addAppid = 1200

    Kann jemand mir helfen, es macht mich verrückt!

  12. everytime I try to install anything through Cydia Impactor it’ll seem like its going through then it’ll say the cydia impactor is not responding. After that it’ll close.

    • I having the same issue…and I have tried revoking/install multiple times and it still doesn’t work. Tried to restart computer and iPhone and still doesn’t work. Running out of options here… Help is definitely need at our end.

      Ralphy have you found a fix for this yet?

  13. I get the “application already installed as incompatible team” error, and I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do. Can someone provide a step-by-step response? Thanks 🙂

  14. I get the same error over and over.

    I’ve paid for zjailbreak VIP on my iphone 6 and have all of the latest version of Yalu_beta7.ipa and Impactor.
    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING

  15. Error after trying to start Cydia on Win 10:


    Don’t have much experience here, would appreciate some advice.

    Thank you,

  16. I successfully did my IPad then 20 minutes later IPhone popped up with:

    Any suggestions? I’ll keep playing around if I find what happened/fix i’ll update my comment.

  17. Hi Guys,

    I keep getting this message no matter what I try.

    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at
    but I already have an apple id I’ve been using for years.

    Please help

  18. I’am still struggling with the 92, I get the app on my iphone 6 but when I press ‘go’ it comes up ‘failed,retry’ and compared to other people downloading it seems like the downloading for my case doesn’t download the fully yalu, where it should say ‘completed’ but it stops at ‘veryfying’

  19. Nope, I want to extract it out from my ipad to pc. Just in case the app has been removed from the app store. Am i able to extract the .ipa file if non jailbroken?

  20. hello i am using an windows pc on windows 10 and i have ipad air 2 and i just try to install an ipa of moded clash of clans i wrote the email and password but then error came and said
    ERROR lockdown.cpp:57 and then it said lockdown_E_plist error please help

  21. Hi
    i’m using my macbook air trying to install a modified version of pokemon but every time i tried it came the same message


    even when i tried it in another computer (windows) with a different appleID got the same error

  22. I’m getting the same error lock down but it says lockdown.cpp:57
    It’s plist instead

    I am using iOS 11 public beta iPhone SE

  23. Im not getting an error… simply everything runs fine but impactor diesnt install anything… and its the first time this happens i dont know what to do, i’ve tried lots of things

      • it shows progress and all, just simply doesn’t install anything, even the device management option doesn’t appear on my settings, so i don’t know why everything runs fine but nothing happens.

    • I hope this doesn’t sound stupid but I found out the hard way that when it gets to entering maps that is when it is finished. I waited a lifetime once for it and it just continued to load maps but when I closed out my game ran fine. If that isn’t it, you could always talk to the folks at PokeGo++’s Discord. I have no doubt that they can help.

  24. I’ve got this error
    application already installed as incompatible team

    Can’t get it to work

  25. I keep getting Error – provision.cpp:168 – Please sign in with an app-specific password… But I am putting in the correct Apple ID and password (checked twice) logging in and out twice successfully. Please help.

  26. While trying to add a hacked pogo app through cydia impactor, I get an error that states: http-osx.cpp:131 The request timed out.

  27. I can’t get past the cydia installation. I download everything but when I try to run cydia it says “network extensions are only available for users enrolled in the Apple development program”. Any suggestions there

  28. ./plist.hpp:201



    installing pokego2++. I have the newest impactor and newest IPA files, with the newest iOS 10 update.

  29. I’ve done all the steps you said on my iPad but no matter what app I try to download I’m always stuck on verifying application

  30. At the end of pokego2.0++-40ipa installation in iPhone7+(iOS11-beta6), it was showing ”Cydia has stopped working ”. How can I fix the problem, already try revoke certficates, use new apple ID, updated cydia 0.9.42.

  31. I am getting a error while attempting to sideload mame4ios 1.6 on ios 11 its saying installtion.cp:51 api internal error any fix for this?

      • I got the same on a previously functionally installed API. It actually flashed another error prior (“…unable to unhide..”(?)) which vanished before I could screenshot, THEN I got the 51

  32. its alright i think its due to ios 11 i am just going to downgrade back to ios 10.3.3 and stay there till further notice atleast until emulators and runnable on ios 11

  33. ok so now i have ios 10.11.1 which just came out today or whatever only cause i couldnt reobtain ios 10.3.3 under any means (unless i were to download the fork from apples site inwhich case goodluck with that the files huge) so i said well maybe stuff will work this time around worked almost got further then trying to reinstall mame4ios on ios 11 but at the very last second same error popped up installation.cp:51 APIINSTALLERROR so… it goes without saying i have tried every mame4ios non jailbroken version out there to no avail have any of them out there worked is there anything i can do other then download he massive ios 10.3.3 fork and reput it on my ipod via itunes and just lockin and stay there? or is there another option to fix the error as it comes so close to installing then errors out any help with this is appreciated its sort of getting on my nerves at this point i really want to be able to play mame wherever i can without the need for a mame machine or laptop/desktop

  34. At the end of pokego2.0++-40ipa installation in iPhone6+iOS 11.1, it was showing ”impactor.exe has stopped working”. How can I fix the problem, already try revoke certficates, use new apple ID, updated cydia 0.9.42.

  35. I get this error “http-win.cpp:159. Peer certificate cannot be a authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”.

    I tried reloading Cydia impactor. I tried restarting pc n phone n still nothing works

  36. Hi the only problem i’m running into is it is just stuck on the complete loading and everything else is working like the Verifying Application can you plz help.

  37. Hey there, i have the latest version of Impactor, but whenever i try to install an ipa to my ios device, i don’t get an error, but i get a loading bar that’s about at the halfway mark. I’ve tried different apps, different icloud, even my other phone with a lower firmware (9.2 instead of 10.3.1), but i get the same results.

  38. If anyone is having trouble with their Apple TV 4 and getting the lockdown.ccp:57 LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_INVALID_HOST_ID try signing out and signing back in to iTunes with the AppleID you used to sideload. Worked for me.

  39. I’m going crazy. I replaced my Apple TV 4, under warranty, and now I can’t sideload to the new one, always getting this on cydiaimpactor windows 10:

    ios/downloadTeamProvisioningProfile =8220
    Your team has no devices from which to generate a provisioning profile. Connect a device to use or manually add device IDs in Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

    Tried on tvos 10.1 and after updating on tvos 11.2.1
    Searched and only found this:

  40. Hi to EVERYONE: Here’s what I got, I’m trying to jailbreak my ipad pro. It’s running 10.3.3, didn’t want to update was waiting for the jailbreak. I have tried 3 different jailbreaks – G0blin, C0F3, and Meridian! I’ve re-tried numerous times for each one all ending in the same Error! I’ve also tried on two different computers numerous times ALL with the same results! I have NO .ipa apps or games on my iPad except for the jailbreak stuff. I’ve revoked my certificates numerous of times. I’ve trusted my computers the jailbreaks and STILL the same error: I’ve downloaded several different Jailbreaks of the 3 just incase of a bad download with STILL the same error! Now after two and half days, I have been beaten to the ground because of this error! I have read and read and read and tried many different things and STILL ended up with error: The error is this:


    That’s the error! Has anyone else encountered that and if so was you able to fix the problem? Also, would you PLEASE let me know what took care of the problem?
    Thanks in advance,

    • I got that error too at the tail end of the installation of Meridian. But when you look at the phone, Meridian was still installed so it’s not much of an error.

      • Even though the you have the jailbreak icon on your device just as I do, how do you know it’s not leaving out some bit of important info that may or may not help in the form of the jailbreak or Cydia? Do you have any idea as to why this error happens? I have tried to find the reason so that I can try and correct it but, I have found nothing and I know you and I can’t be the only ones getting it. I’d feel more comfortable having Cydia impactor going ALL the way through the install knowing EVERYTHING that was meant to be installed GOT installed. So, even though it may SEEM to be not much of an error, who’s to say that it is or isn’t leaving a bit of important data from the jailbreak or Cydia?

  41. Well, still haven’t heard from anyone having the same error as I am! I’m very surprised that no-one else has experienced it! I have run many, many things through Cydia impactor and if it doesn’t crash with the error I mentioned in my last post, it crashes with something else! I have several different Cydia impactors ALL doing the same thing! I HAVE NOT HAD ONE TIME WHERE CYDIA IMPACTOR HAS GONE ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FILE AND INSTALLED!

    I got no replies yet from my previous post will someone PLEASE let me know if they were able to get Cydia impactor to install a file without it crashing? If so, could you please let me know what file it was so that I can try and see if it runs all the way through?
    Thank you very much,

  42. Thanks for getting back with me! Yes I have tried G0blin 1st,2nd,3rd, and one by xPeeks. I also tried all versions of Meridian, as well as C0F3! I also tried two different computers. ALL of these gave me the same error as stated in my first post! I then tried several different (.ipa) files and everyone that I tried, Cydia Impactor came back with errors. So, with Cydia Impactor crashing on ALL jailbreaks, Cydia Impactor dealing with Jailbreaks, and other (.ipa) files, NOT ONCE DID IT RUN WITHOUT CRASHING OR FINISHING AN (.IPA) FILE. I also tried several Cydia Impactor’s from different websites to no avail! Have you been able to get Cydia Impactor to run all the through without crashing?

  43. I am trying to jailbreak my iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.2 using cydia impactor to install Yalu. I open cydia impactor, drag the Yalu .api file into the impactor, sign into iTunes, and click start. It shows error message “ipa.cpp:444 cannot find .app/Info.plist” what am I doing wrong?

  44. If you’re getting the error 201 – Swipe up and put your phone into airplane mode then open Goblin and tap jailbreak. Then take it out of airplane mode – Let us know if it works for You!

  45. I have an iPad (iOS 10.2.1). In my case, Impactor keeps being stuck on Complete. App icon appears but when I open it, it crashes.
    Before opening I always do the certificate thing.
    Help plz
    Thank you!

  46. it says provisons,cpp:81
    the network extensions feature is only available to users enrolled in apple development program? what does this mean

  47. Well All, I’m back! I do apologize wholeheartedly as it has been a while due to being in the hospital! I appreciate all the feed back and I have to say, that I have tried the “Airplane” mode to no avail! Here’s my latest and have figured out it’s not Cydia Impactor nor my computers BUT instead it’s my F***ING, iPAD PRO that’s causing the crashes!!!! I STILL HAVE THAT ERROR. So, here’s the problem (my problem) I’m running 10.3.3 on first generation iPad Pro 12.9. Through ALL the latest jailbreak releases for 10.3.3 NEVER ONCE did Cydia Impactor complete the install. I ALWAYS GOT THE SAME ERROR. I tried on a different computer, thinking it must be the computer but STILL ended up with the SAME ERROR through ALL jailbreaks! I then thought it had to be Cydia Impactor! That is until I tried it on my smaller Air 2. Cydia Impactor completed the install without an issue! So, Again it’s NOT the jailbreaks nor is it Cydia Impactor! ALSO, NONE of the updates from ANY of the jailbreaks have brought a stable working Cydia on my iPAD PRO! Once I respring with G0blin, it crashes every time I try to open it! When I close Meridian, Cydia does the same thing! NOW, I JUST tried to install G0BLIN-RC2 and it crashes at the very beginning with “ipa.cpp.444!” I’ve tried everyway that I can think of using Airplane mode, having first G0blin installed with that error and then NOT having the first G0blin installed! Makes no difference! Has anyone else had these problems and could you PLEASE tell me how to fix it.
    I would be SO VERY GRATEFUL! Also, if you’re wondering about my hospital it’s fine, just things some people to go through when they start rising at the age I am “62!” Yes, I still love doing this stuff and playing games! I’m like a little kid in a candy store!
    Take Care All,

  48. TJ,
    Thank you very much for getting back with me! My computer was always getting stuck on “GeneratingApplicationMap” I tried your way with trying to go directly from PC to Device (in this case my iPad Pro! However nothing I tried would allow me to download directly to Device,
    even trying with “3u” program, “iFUNBOX” program, and iEXPLORER, program! I couldn’t even get Cydia Impactor to accept it! Now, I don’t have Cydia installed on here anymore and have quit trying to jailbreak to find an answer but Cydia is unstable and won’t run anyway and that’s why I stopped trying. Is it possible I need to install Cydia regardless to the fact that it’s unstable and try again to “POKEGO++?” If you don’t mind telling what your thinking is on this I ONCE AGAIN WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT!
    Thanks and take care,

  49. Hi, sorry Idon’t speak english fluid, but need help, instaling kodi at moment of verifying deploy this mesagge ERROR installation.cpp:42 “Incorrect architecture at file:///private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/” If someone happened to him the same please help me, thanks

  50. 138 maxQuantity error and heres how I fixed it.

    I had old 0.9.43 version on Impactor. Revoked certificates and then copied certification file to new version of 0.9.44 folder. Then everything was as It should be.

  51. Whenever I try to revoke certificates to fix 81 error it says:

    I’ve tried syncing my iphone with itunes as suggested. Rebooted both iphone and computer, hard rebooted iphone, tried to do it with a different appleid, tried to install different ipas. Nothing has allowed me to get past this. Was just working great last week. Please help.

  52. Getting “installation.cpp.42” error. iPhone 5S, running IOS 1.2.5. MacBook running OS 10.13.3.

    installation, cpp.42
    Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installed/Library/Caches/ : Oxe8008016 (The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)

        • I had previously used Impactor to install Movie Box on the phone with IOS 11.2.5. All worked just fine. I decided to update IOS to 11.3 Beta 2. After a couple of days I downgraded IOS to 11.2.5, and restored backup. I attempted to use Impactor to reinstall Movie Box, and thats when I started getting the error.

          “installation, cpp.42
          Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installed/Library/Caches/ : Oxe8008016 (The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)”

    • Go to, sign in, and under Security, create an App-specific password. I labelled mine Impactor. Then copy the password into the password box in Impactor.

  53. I’m getting “provision.cpp:81
    ios/submitDevelopmentCSR =7460
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.”

    When I revoke certificates I get “progress,hpp:87

    Help please!

  54. For the error “progress,hpp:87 _assert(false)” when revoking certificates with Impactor 0.9.44:
    1. Download Impactor 0.9.43 to revoke the certifcates
    2. After the certificates get revoked, use Impactor 0.9.44 to install package.

  55. installer.cpp:62
    application already installed as incompatible team

    This is the error message I get and after numerous attempts of trouble shooting I still get this error.

    Staff please help?

  56. my galaxy gear not working with inpactor it keeps saying no device found can anybody pleace walk me through this thanks you

    • Go to > under app-specific password generate a password and use that instead of your iTunes’ password.

  57. Cydia Impactor closes after all loading and the app dont go to my iphone.
    And cydia impactor dont give me any errors, just close after doing all the loading stuff, but its not on my phone

  58. I’m on iOS 11.1.1 and Impactor is detecting my phone with no issues and starts to install the ipa. After some time impactor simply closes no error messages or anything and the IPA haven’t been installed.

    Am I doing something wrong? Should i update iOS?

  59. I have an error message below in Cydia impactor What is the solution?


    iOS 11.1.2
    cydia impactor 0.9.44

  60. Hi I have a problem with Cyril impactor, when I start it it’s not coming up with a device so I can’t install any programs with it. I’ve tried restarting it, deleting it and reinstalling it, still no joy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks John

  61. Am I the only one with an error 160?
    “Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

  62. Same problem for me, error 160:
    “Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

  63. error 160? When trying to delete certificates Impactor says:
    “Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

  64. Hi,
    I keep getting error: installer.cpp:62 application already installed as incompatible team, is there anyway to fix it. I’d appreciate any help on this.

  65. So I came here because my Cyida keeps sticking at the Verifying Application point. I don’t have a working home button and apple no longer allows the 2FA to be turned off so is there any other guidance I can get to fix this?

  66. I’m trying to install whatsapp++ on iphonex I keep getting this error: installer.cpp:62 application already installed as incompatible team. I do not have this application on my iphone. Anyone know how to fix this? I’d appreciate any help.


  67. ill drag the IPA file into cydia impactor, everything will look like its downloading, then cydia impactor will just close without the app being installed on my phone. please help.

  68. I have an error that i havent seen anywhere file :ipa.cpp; line 53;what:_assert(file= parser_.end0)
    My phone was previously jailbroken im running ios 12.1.2 i phone X im using uncover jailbreak version V3.0.0.0 b43 and cydia impactor ive tried to use lates uncover jailbreak version with an updated cydia impactor to no avail. I went to respring my device in jailbroken mode and it kept ebbing in a stuck state so i rebooted my phone when i went to go jailbreak using uncover app time had run out on it so i deleted app and went through my usual process of getting it back on my phone. But this time when i get to the pat in impactor where its installing the uncover app this error comes up i tried to revoke certificates rebooted my computer and iphone and had it retrust my computer and it still keeps happening

  69. I got a error code “file: calendar.cpp; line: 108; what:” I cant find anyone else with the same problem. Any suggestions? Please and thank you!

  70. i got this
    file: installer.cpp; line: 71; what:


    i tried the xcode , bottom about certficates nothing changed , ipad is on , with no password the apple id is new , tried even with old apple id no fix, same problem


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