7 Amazing Cydia Tweaks to Make Facebook Better on your iPhone
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7 Amazing Cydia Tweaks to Make Facebook Better on your iPhone

The Facebook app and its News Feed has been developed overtime to make it less useless on the iPhone. Admittedly, we see positive improvements while looking through our timelines. With some of the most recent changes, you can now customize how you want to view the contents on your News Feed, express how you feel about a status or update beyond the Like button, and much more.

While these improvements have greatly impact user experience, there are a few functionalities such as landscape mode, in-app messenger, and video downloader that Facebook forgot to add into its iOS application.

If you are looking for any of these add-ons for Facebook, check out some of the Cydia tweaks below.

1. Facebook++

Facebook ++ is a Cydia tweak that brings back the in-app messenger feature that was previously available in the Facebook app.


This Cydia tweak for Facebook is for those users who got used to the in-app messaging rather than Facebook app linking the app with the Messenger. This tweak puts the official messenger right inside the app. And apart from it, it has lots of features and here are some of them.

  • Use the Facebook Messenger within the official app
  • Get timestamp for every message (Like WhatsApp)
  • Send unlimited photos (No more 16 photo limit)
  • DisableVoIP (Saves battery)
  • Download Videos to your Camera Roll

Repo: BigBoss

2. Prenesi 3

According to a recent study, more videos are being uploaded on Facebook than YouTube.

The company has been making a lot of changes to the way people engage and upload their videos to Facebook. With such enhancement, it’s not hard to see that data coming.

The only thing they forgot to add is an option that allows iPhone users to download videos from their site.

If you have ever come across your favorite video and wish to save it for offline viewing, here’s a tweak to make that happen.

How to Download Facebook Videos on your iOS Devices

  1. Open Cydia and go to the BigBoss repository
  2. Install Prenesi 3 and restart your iPhone
  3. Launch the Facebook app and tap on a video
  4. Tap on the down icon on the right hand corner
  5. Choose Download Video and select the quality (Low or High)

When done, the video will be saved to your Camera Roll. In addition to providing a Facebook video downloader, Prenesi 3 let you disable reactions, turn off VOIP to save battery and more.

3. FlipBook


Using the Facebook in portrait mode is one of the irritating things iOS users come across because Facebook doesn’t allow the use of landscape mode in their app.

However, this Cydia tweak aims to help you change that. And it’s the only feature you will get which is the Landscape mode in Facebook.

Repo: BigBoss

4. FBNotifyClear


Most Facebook users might have faced the problem with cached notifications where notifications are displaying continuously if you don’t click on it.

Fbnotifyclear can quickly help you get rid of that annoying duplicate notifications.

Repo: BigBoss

5. bluePill


Bluepill is a Cydia tweak for Facebook which contains all the possible functionality that you could think of.

It includes unlimited photos sending via Messenger, read receipts, VoIP, etc. All the settings relating to this stuff can be enabled or disabled with one tap in the Settings page of this app.

You can purchase and download Bluepill for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo.

6. FBMChatsHeads


Remember when Facebook still have their built-in messenger feature within the Facebook app itself, you can quickly reply to the person you’re talking to by tapping on their little avatar bubble anywhere on the screen. However, since Facebook moved its Messenger to a new app called Facebook Messenger, we no longer see that anymore.

If you missed it here is how to get it back with FBMChatsHeads.

This is a new tweak on Cydia that adds the chat heads to Facebook Messenger so that it can use as a quick reply feature. You can download FBMChatsHeads for free from the BigBoss repo.

How to Install Facebook++ on iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

As you can see, this post was dedicated to those with a jailbroken device, but I was able to find an .IPA version of the popular Facebook++ tweak mentioned above. So I figured why not add a quick tutorial to it here.

If for some reason you can’t jailbreak your iPhone or iPad yet you can still install Facebook++ by sideloading it using Cydia Impactor. This tweak will bring back the in-app Messenger, letting you download videos from your News Feed, and much more.

The IPA file is now available for download from here. When Facebook++ is downloaded, drag and drop it onto Cydia Impactor and the utility will install the app on your home screen. Then, trust the app by following this tutorial, and you should be good to go.

7. NoMoreStories

Everyone is currently talking about the new Stories bar from their Facebook app. Judging from the name, you probably know that this is a new feature that Facebook recently added and its similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

Besides the fact that it’s trying to compete with similar social media apps, many critics are not liking this new feature.

But here is a method to remove the new Facebook Stories.

NoMoreStories is a new jailbreak tweak that was released today in response to the new update. It simply “Removes Stories from Facebook App.” Released by developer iKilledAppl3 and now available from the BigBoss repository. Just open Cydia and install the tweak from there, it’s free by the way.

Once installed, NoMoreStories will right away get rid of the Facebook Stories on your iOS device, giving the old app back (kind of since it doesn’t remove any other useless features.)

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