4 Free Apps to Schedule Text Messages on Your iPhone

Not being able to schedule your texts ahead of time can be frustrating. This is one of the many limitations that iPhone users have to put up with. Thankfully, there are workarounds. The benefits of remembering to send a text message at the right time are many. For the sake of this post, we’ll only list out two of the most important ones.

You can prevent your relationship with someone from being destroyed while still have extra time to do other things besides worrying about composing a text message.

In this article, I’ll list out some useful apps that will allow you to schedule text messages on your iPhone. It will be divided into two sections. One for non-jailbroken iOS device, which anyone can follow along and the other section talks about Cydia tweaks which only jailbroken users can perform.

At least by the end of this post, everyone will leave here happy and be worry-free.


I came across Hedwig after updating my iPhone to iOS 11. With a bright and clean user interface, this app will give you a tool to schedule your text messages in advance. The first step is to download Hedwig from the App Store. The app itself is free, but there’s a catch to it.

Once Hedwig is installed, open the app. It will take you through a quick-start screen which consists of verifying your phone number. When you get that out of the way, this is the Welcome screen.

To schedule a text with Hedwig on your iPhone, tap on the + icon in the top right-hand corner. The UI will look similar to creating a new message thread with iMessage. Either enter a phone number or select a member of your Contacts list. Write your text in the Message area.

Select when you want the text to be sent. The last two options include Repeat and Signature. You can configure them to your liking as well. At the selected time, your message via Hedwig will be sent to the recipient.

I mentioned earlier that there is a catch to this free application. Tapping on the Balance tab will show you the pricing plan. The first text is free. But if you want to schedule more, choose between the $0.99 plan (5 schedule texts), $2.99 (30 scheduled texts) and $8.99 (100 scheduled texts).


There is another free app called Delayd by Tinyyo Limited. This application can be downloaded right from your App Store.

Click here to download the Delayd app; it’s free by the way. After downloading the app, you can draft a text message, set a particular time and date. Then, tap on the Schedule button.

In addition to scheduling regular SMS and iMessage, you can also schedule Facebook posts and Twitter’s tweets.

Programmable SMS

The first Cydia tweak that lets you schedule text messages on your iPhone is called Programmable SMS. It works in close collaboration with Ryan Petrich’s Activator to set things up behind the scenes. Furthermore, in was recently released to replace biteSMS, a similar package but doesn’t support newer iOS firmware.

  1. Install Programmable SMS from the BigBoss repo
  2. Launch Settings > Programmable SMS > Enable
  3. Tap SMS Activator
  4. Draft a text message and assign a contact to it
  5. Before you Save, turn on Auto-Disable


Open the Activator app from your home screen. Navigate to Anywhere > Build > Scheduled. Set up a future date and time, then go back to the main page of Activator. Choose the time you setup earlier and pick the text message you created in Step 4.


Programmable SMS is certainly the only tweak that works with jailbroken iOS 7, 8, and 9.


biteSMS is a legendary tweak known to help iPhone users schedule texts without much hassle. While this tweak is very easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of setups work like Programmable SMS, it’s no longer under active development.

I recommend this tweak over the previous only if your iPhone is running iOS 7 or lower. biteSMS has a “Schedule” button built right into the stock Messages app.

Here is how you can use biteSMS to schedule a text message.

  1. Open your Messages app
  2. Choose an existing thread or create a new one
  3. Write a text message. Instead of tapping Send, choose the Clock icon right above it
  4. Pick your own scheduling details

You can get biteSMS from the BigBoss repository.

That’s all the apps we can find at this moment. If you use another message scheduling app on your iPhone, be sure to comment down below.

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  1. You might like Scheduled! You’ll get a notification which reminds you of a scheduled message, you can then easily send the message through the platform of your choise.


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