How to Disable Ads in Waze app using NoMoreWazeAds for iPhone

How to Disable Ads in Waze app using NoMoreWazeAds for iPhone

As someone who often drives here and there, having at least one GPS app is essential for me. There are many fantastic options out there. In fact, you have a default GPS on your iOS called Maps (by Apple).

Unfortunately, I don’t use the app at all. Instead, I occasionally use Google Maps and Waze. These two applications work best in my case and serve its purpose really well.

Google Maps vs. Waze

Both of these navigation apps has its pros and cons.


I think Waze is excellent at integrating social network and allow users to report live traffic. However, the only thing I don’t like about Waze is the annoying banner ads that usually pop up when I’m using the app.

Sometimes these advertisements can be useful, but then again, I don’t want to see any distraction while driving. I don’t mind the ad pins at all, but the banner ads need to go.

Google Maps on the other hands is easy to use, it has an offline mode and other useful features. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide some exclusive features you see on Waze.

How to Remove Ads in Waze app

Someone recently released a Flex patch that lets iPhone users disable banner ads in Waze. Ziph0n, the mod over at r/Jailbreak was able to convert it into a tweak called NoMoreWazeAds.

The title was pretty obvious, isn’t it?

This tweak simply disable intrusive banner ads in the Waze app

All you have to do is:

  1. Go on Cydia
  2. Add this repo:
  3. Install the tweak

Once NoMoreWazeAds is installed, you can use the app as normal. This time, it won’t show any banner ads.

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