Download H3lix Jailbreak IPA for iOS 10 – 10.3.3 (32-Bit Devices)

  • Developer tihmstar just released H3lix, a jailbreak tool for iOS 10 – 10.3.3 on Christmas Eve.
  • Not all iPhone or iPad running the given firmware is compatible.
  • The h3lix jailbreak will only work with 32-bit devices.

The creator of futurerestore and tsschecker just gave us one of the best early Christmas presents ever.

Take a look below to see if H3lix jailbreak can be run your device.

  • iPod touch 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad mini 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4

If you attempt to use this jailbreak on a 64-bit device, it will not work.

Where to Download H3lix

The H3lix jailbreak comes in the form of IPA, just like the past releases (Phoenix, Yalu, and Saigon). You can download the latest version of the jailbreak from its developer site.

Prepare for Jailbreak

  1. Download the H3lix jailbreak file from the link above.
  2. You will also need a copy of Cydia Impactor. Grab it from here.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
  4. Drag and drop h3lix-RC.ipa into Impactor’s first field.
  5. The utility will ask for your Apple ID and password. Enter them.
  6. When done, go to the Settings app on your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Device Management.
  7. Locate the email address used in Step 5 and tap Trust for the selected profile.

Start Jailbreaking

Now that you have successfully installed the H3lix jailbreak onto your iPhone or iPad, it’s time to initiate the jailbreak process. This is mostly done automatically by the app.

From your home screen, tap to open the H3lix app. To begin the jailbreak, tap the yellow jailbreak button.

When done, H3lix will install Cydia on your iOS device.

I’m sure you don’t need any more guidelines after this. What I would do is open Cydia for the first time and let the app reload its data and packages. Then, install some cool tweaks mentioned in this post.

Help! Cydia Impactor is showing Installation Error

Don’t worry about this section if you already got the H3lix jailbreak app installed on your iPhone.

This part is dedicated to users who failed to sideload the jailbreak using their computer. More specifically, Cydia Impactor is throwing them a popup that shows an error of lockdown or installation.cpp.

If you see anything weird when using Cydia Impactor, please take a look at this article. In short, use the Revoke Certificates option under the Xcode setting.

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  1. My iPhone 5c is acting odd with h3lix jailbreak. After a reboot I open app to reapply the jailbreak hit the button on app. After a few seconds the screen freezes turns a bunch of colors and then the phone reboots NOT resprings. Assume the phone is crashing to a reboot.

  2. I can’t seem to open ifile and I can’t import roms on NDS app, I tried two file browsers and neither work one being ifile as stated but I’m not sure if im not using the corrects apps or if h3lix doesn’t support this yet or another reason, help?

      • its because its not compatible with those apps…. check the list, someone made a list of all the compatible apps for h3lix jailbreak

  3. Haha yeah I thought you were right at first it might be the developer but now I’m not too sure I’m thinking this jailbreak is either messed up or most of the tweak don’t support 32 bit I’ll keep trying apps and let you know but for the most part they aren’t working but I’m just happy to see some news in jail breaking to be honest so it doesn’t bother me to bad after all in testing all this on iPhone 5

  4. the jailbreak vis h3lix works fine, however i sometimes get the error plist :221.
    the first time after restoring cydia can fully update, after applying a tweak and respring, cydia goes black upon showing “loading cydia” screen.

    anyone got a solution?

  5. Is it true that this jailbreak does not work anymore? I have an 32bit – iPad 4 gen – IOS 10.3.3. If you guys don’t do this anymore, would you please direct me to another alternative?


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