What’s ELK-BLEDOM Under My iPhone Bluetooth Setting?

Don’t panic if you see ELK-BLEDOM in your Bluetooth setting. Your iPhone has probably identified a no-name device that you recently purchased.

Elk-Bledom is a LED Strip Lights sold on Amazon. It can also be a remote camera device that can be connected via Bluetooth.

Your iPhone might still be able to identify the Elk-Bledom LED Lights even if you don’t own one. If someone in your household has this LED Light or someone from your workplace has one, it can still show up in your iPhone’s Bluetooth setting.

I was at a friend house and he has this type of LED Lights in his room. Every time I turn my Bluetooth on, ELK-BLEDOM appears in the setting as nearby devices.

If you no longer want to keep this on your iPhone, you can tap on the circular “i” icon and select Forget this Device. ELK-BLEDOM will be removed from your iPhone.

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