How to Enable WhatsApp Auto Reply on Your iPhone

How to Enable WhatsApp Auto Reply on Your iPhone

There is only one reason why someone might want to setup an auto responder for their WhatsApp.

  • They don’t always have time on their hands to reply back

And that reason fits perfectly 99.9% of WhatsApp users.

Let’s face it – we hate to wait a long time to hear back, even if it comes in the form of text message. So let’s make sure other people doesn’t feel that way when they sent us a WhatsApp message.

The solution you asked?

Auto reply!

But here is the problem, such feature doesn’t exist on your WhatsApp application. That’s probably why you’re here as well. But I’ve found several ways around this…

…and I’m going to share them with you right below.

I’m using WAAutoReply on my iPhone

For iOS users, if you want to send an automated message on your WhatsApp, WAAutoReply is the perfect solution.

But not everyone will be able to get it since this tweak is only available for jailbroken users. In other words, you’re going to need Cydia to install the package.

Are you clear on the first prerequisite? Awesome! Let’s proceed.

  1. Open your Cydia app
  2. Make sure the BigBoss repo is fully reloaded
  3. Purchase the tweak called WAAutoReply (it’s $5)
  4. Install > Respring

Once the tweak is installed on your iOS device, you can configure it directly inside the WhatsApp application.

Here are some notable features:

  • The ability to auto reply to WhatsApp messages (obviously)
  • Reply will continue to work when WhatsApp is running in the background or even killed by the system

Another cool fact to know is that this Cydia tweak works on iOS 8, 9, and 10.

Quick Tip: If you use WhatsApp as a customer support solution for your business, it’s important to let the customers knows whether you’re in the office or not. What’s a better way to send your current status than having an auto-reply bot?

Automatically reply to WhatsApp Message on Android

I know WhatsApp is also popular on the Android platform so I’ve put together a list of apps from the Play Store that does the same thing.

I know I left non-jailbroken users out of this but I’m hoping to find a solution for you guys soon.

Stay tuned!

Bonus: I also gather some useful tweaks for WhatsApp that may be benefits to some users; please check it out from here.

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