How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on Apple Watch

A question from Kenny: Anyone ever have issues on their Apple Watch Series 6 with the Facebook Messenger app. Mine was working fine and then in the middle of the day it stop working. My wife can message me and I can reply through the notification but if I go and select the icon it immediately closes. I’ve tried everything meaning through apple to looking it up, even deleting and reinstalling and also resetting my watch. I’m lost. Can you help me please. Thanks in advance. Appreciate it.

Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch is a useful application for many people to use the real-time chatting app on the go, especially doing it right from their wrists.

As of late, the app stopped working. Users often encounter a black loading screen when trying to open the Facebook Messenger app on their Apple Watch.

If Facebook Messenger is not loading on your Apple Watch

  1. On your iPhone, open the Messenger app.
  2. Access the Settings page and tap on Apple Watch.
  3. Change the default replies to anything you want and then close the app.
  4. Now go back to Settings > Apple Watch and delete the entry that you changed.
  5. Again, close the app on your iPhone.
  6. Open Facebook Messenger on your Apple Watch, and all your messages should be there, fully loaded.

What a weird trick isn’t it; I’m unable to figure out how this helps to fix the issue, but it did. It’s worth noting that minor problems like this are easy to fix.

If the Messenger app is still not working on your Apple Watch, try the following tips:

Delete the app

Of course, I’m not forcing you to get rid of it forever. All you have to do is uninstall Facebook Messenger from your iPhone and Apple Watch. Then, restart both devices.

Lastly, go back to the App Store and re-install the app.

Enter AirPlane Mode

Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also help in this case. The easiest and fastest way to achieve that is by turning on AirPlane Mode. This will disable the two features at the same time.

After a minute or so, turn AirPlane mode off. Try refreshing your Facebook Messenger app again and see if it works.

Update both iOS and watchOS

Check to make sure your iPhone uses the latest iOS, and your Apple Watch is running on the latest watchOS version. Sometimes, a quick software update could fix multiple problems altogether.

To update your iPhone and Apple Watch:

Go to the Settings app > General > Software Update. Perform the same steps with your watch by going to the Watch app on your iPhone.

Once your watch is updated to the latest version, go back to Facebook Messenger to see if it’s working. We do believe that getting the most recent version will possibly fix this problem.

Facebook Messenger app says “Log in from the paired iPhone”

Karen Simmons

Does anyone else have this trouble with Facebook Messenger? Everything else is working perfectly. Messenger was working fine all day today, until I just opened it now and I get this message again.

I got it for Xmas and this is the only real issue I have, every so often this happens.

The only “fix” I can figure out is to uninstall and reinstall the app from my phone each time it happens.

Delete the app on your iPhone and reinstall it and then touch the app on your watch and then select allow on your watch. It was a temporary fix for mine something must be off on the latest update for the watch it’s happening to a lot of people. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

Sheila Hartman

Try this.. switch account on your messenger (log different account messenger) on your iPhone. Then wait to load on you aw messenger, once done.. switch back/login to your account on iPhone then wait to load you messenger.. once done.. delete the other account..

CJ Paradero

Facebook Messenger notifications aren’t going through

Louisa Leslie asked a question

My Facebook Messenger messages aren’t coming through to my Apple Watch at the moment. It just says ‘loading messages’ permanently. Any advice on how to fix this?

Go to your watch app and uninstall messenger and reinstall app. Working for me now after doing that. 


Wayne Miller

Happened to me I had to unpair phone from watch then do the update then pair it as new watch, per Apple instructions. Took long time to update but finally worked.

Kim Snyder

In order for the Facebook Messenger app to work properly on your watch you have to log into the messenger and open it up on your phone first in order for them to sync

Michelle Schuett

Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on Apple Watch

Jay Chua asked a question

I got the Apple Watch Series 6. For some reason my ESPN and Facebook Messenger app doesn’t work. When I click the app, it just crashes. Tried rebooting, signing out then signing back in, & reinstalling the app. Any of you guys have this problem? Let me know if you guys have a solution.

I’ve been going through the same thing. Apple says my watch is fine, it’s the third party app problem. I guess a update is what we have to wait on. It’s been pissing me off lol

Kenny Jr.

Do you have voice over on??? It messes with everything!!!! Good luck.

Lois Windley Smith

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  1. It works, but I have to do it pretty much every time I want to open up Messenger on my watch. Which makes the app pretty much useless for anything but viewing notifications.

  2. Not working on an Apple Watch series 2 with WatchOS3 and iPhone 6s with iOS10.1.1. Tried all fixes listed above without success. FB needs to fix this App

  3. Series 2 and this fixed things! I couldn’t get messenger to load AT ALL and your silly little trick was just what I needed 🙂 Thanks!

  4. OMG the first recommended solution totally worked! I have no idea how it worked, though but I’m glad it did. The hardest part for me was to find where the Settings of my Messenger was. LOL! Thank you thank you!

  5. Trying to delete messages from “Messenger” is not working for my Wife and I by swiping to the left. Help will be appreciated stranger…lol

  6. Worked for me now as well – totally surprised since the article is so old and it was apparently a “temporary” issue. Thanks!

  7. Wondering anyone is having trouble with getting notifications on your watch for Facebook messenger, I do not get any alert or sound like I do with regular messenger, wondering if anyone can help.

  8. The Facebook messenger app still doesn’t load after going through all those steps to get it to work… anyone else having problems loading it? It worked yesterday. Weird…

  9. The first suggestion of changing the reply settings, then undoing it after closing both times work like a charm, it is now working again on my Apple Watch! Thanks!

  10. The step 1 I couldn’t get it it says: 1.On your iPhone, open the Messenger app
    2,Access the Settings page and tap on Apple Watch
    3.Change the default replies to anything you want and then close the app

    I cannot find the settings when I click the messenger app.

  11. Series 3 Cellular and you would have thought they would have solved this since series 2 but no. None of the above work for me and I have been in to apple genius and they are stumped too and they could only complete a form to send to apple and still I have no messenger application on my apple watch. Such a joke Apple, sort it out please.

  12. Still an issue. My whole reason for getting the watch was to use messenger and the music app while I walk. I can’t get messenger to work after trying ALL of the above methods for the past three days. Also, my bluetooth earbuds won’t pair with the watch so basically all i have is a very expensive watch.

    • My friend, I do not know if you already did this, but first delete the apps from both iPhone and Watch… then install it again.

      On your iPhone:

      1.- open the Messenger app
      2.- Access the Settings page and tap on Apple Watch
      3.- Change the default replies to anything you want and then close the app
      4.- Now go back to Settings > Apple Watch and delete the entry that you changed
      5.- Again, close the app on your iPhone

      I will add other step…

      6.- Open the app on the iPhone.


      7.- Open Facebook Messenger on your Apple Watch, and all your messages should be there, fully loaded.

      Works for me!!!

  13. Just used this and it worked. Had seen on another site that didn’t say anything about going back in and deleting the custom replies. But after deleting, it loaded straight away. Thanks!
    Hopefully it stays working! Fingers crossed. What a strange bug! ‍♀️

  14. I have a series 1 (just got it) and I’ve tried all these tricks and tips and still stuck loading. I’ve even reset my watch.

    What gives?!

  15. I don’t get the Apple Watch option when I open the messenger app and press my picture? How can I fix it then?

  16. If I am jailbroken then I can’t update my iOS (or I will lose my jailbreak). It works on the iWatch, it just doesn’t have an icon. The paired iPhone gives a dialogue box stating
    Messenger cannot be installed on the iWatch.


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