How to Fix Apple Watch Monthly Challenge Not Working or Awarded

Not getting awarded for something you’ve tried extremely hard on is disappointing. In this case, I’m talking about completing the Monthly Challenge in your Apple Watch, and you don’t get the award for your achievements.

Multiple users have reported an issue with the February Challenge on their Apple Watch. They could not unlock the badge in their Achievements tab even though the task has been completed or surpassed the benchmark.

Problems with Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Each month, the Apple Watch will provide an activity for you to complete. This isn’t a one-day thing, so don’t expect to earn your award right away.
So far, I’ve been asked to burn at least a certain amount of calories, close all activity rings within a certain time, and runs more than x amount of kms.

It’s definitely worth getting the Apple Watch since you’re motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle through programs like this. But the opposite effect can happen if you follow through with the challenge and your Apple Watch doesn’t award you with a badge for that specific month.

Sometimes I felt like there is no point in completing these Monthly activity challenges if I don’t get my badge.

If you’re having issues with the Monthly Challenge on your Apple Watch, try the following fixes below.

I didn’t get the award after completion

In February, I was tasked to average more than 30 minutes of exercise per day. I went overboard and averaged over 50 minutes per day. But guessed what? Once the challenge was over, it disappeared, and I haven’t been awarded.

You may find yourself stuck in this situation as well. It could be another activity that you did but didn’t receive a badge for it.

Here is what you can do:

Solution 1: Update your iPhone and Apple Watch

If you haven’t updated your iOS device and Apple Watch to the latest firmware yet, please do so. This can be found in the Settings app.

Navigate to General > Software Update.

Once both devices are updated, check back to see if the award has been handed to you.

Solution 2: Restart your Apple Watch

Sometimes this helped to troubleshoot basic issues on your watch. To restart the Apple Watch:

  1. Press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off slider.
  2. Drag the slider to the right.
  3. After your watch is off, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Head back into the Activity app to see if you received your badge.

Solution 3: Wait a few days

Being patience helps. Occasionally, it takes a few days for your badge to show up. Even Apple stated that it could take up to more than a week.

Solution 4: Are there syncing issues?

  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app
  2. Go to General > Reset > Reset Sync Settings
  3. Wait a few minutes and check the Activity app for your badges

I hope that helped.

If you don’t receive your badge for completing the Monthly Challenge on your Apple Watch, please don’t give up. In most cases, the award will show up within the next couple of days after the challenge disappear.

Let me know which solution works for you.

I took a few days break and now I do not have a June monthly challenge

Have you done any workouts on it? It’s possible it is based on activity and since you weren’t using it, no challenges. You also don’t get a challenge half away through the month. You’ll have to wait till July 1st to get a new challenge.

How long does it take for a new Apple Watch owner to receive the monthly challenge?

Apple needs about a month’s worth of data to determine your challenge. You will probably see a challenge on the 1st of next month. Monthly Challenge is tailored to your activity and that is why it needs data to be able to generate it.

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  1. I have now lost the January and February month challenge badges to this and my March challenge is stuck at the 14/16 movement days even though I have completed it. I am starting to hate the mo thly challenges, since I work so hard to get them and don’t in the end. So frustrated!!

  2. Problems here for th March challenge. Badge has just disappeared even though the time isn’t up yet and I have easily surpassed the challenge. I’m fed up of these glitches.

  3. I completed my June challenge but have yet to see my badge awarded. It has completely disappeared. How long does it usually take to appear? I have already tried all the steps

  4. Completed the June challenge and no badge! I’m also running the ios13 beta so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it

  5. Just got the new iPhone 11 and my monthly challenge is now missing! I’ve tried all the recommendations above but none have worked… any ideas?

  6. Does the ‘Rest Sync Data’ just ‘flash’ when you click it, then seem to do nothing? That is what mine is doing and it’s not reassuring.

  7. I am very upset that I haven’t gotten my Thanksgiving badge and that my challenge for December changed 4 days later. It was like my husbands challenge December 1 and then 4 days later went back to the challenge I had in November that I wasn’t able to make. Very discouraged. Is there no where we can get answers?

  8. I am missing both monthly Challenge and other Challenge started on months January, February and March is blacked out. I’ve tried all the things you’ve said!? I’m not sure what else to do?? As these awards shoes on my watch then didn’t show on my watch??

  9. Just tried. So disappointing. No monthly challenges have shown up since December 2019. I use my watch as a motivator so like to see challenges accomplished.

  10. I haven’t had any monthly badges since December 2019 … I have all the mini awards and right now 568 of 1000 day move streak. I am very active. I have updated watch and phone several times . I even took watch off phone and re-pair . I am pretty much over it . Not sure I will buy a new Apple Watch when it becomes time. I will probably go back to a FitBit

  11. Has anyone had any issues with badges disappearing? I stopped wearing my watch for about two months, and put it back on january first to get back into it. My monthly challenge never populated, and now all the limited edition badges that I had are now missing. In the time that I was taking a break from wearing the watch I got a new phone iPhone 12 plus, but paired it and synced from back up. I have tried restarting everything, unpairing and repairing. Phone and watch both have the latest software versions. Any one have any idea how to get my badges back and find my monthly challenge for January? Thank you in advance!!

  12. Just a question: first month getting my Apple Watch. I don’t currently see the monthly challenge. Do you all think it’s normal since this is my first month? Or is there something wrong?

  13. The April challenge was for 22300 move points. It was calculating a month with 31 days. Now the month is almost done and it is almost impossible to achieve that now. Frustrating!

  14. Nope! The Daily Challenge STILL is not recording 🙁 In previous months, it has recorded as soon as I completed a challenge. And, 2 times, I have done the Daily Challenge but they were never recorded. I noticed it seemed to be a wide range issue. I do wish, when we “overachieve” a challenge, it would be recorded as such. At my age, it’s a bragging right. It is very frustrating to push so hard with nothing to show for it. I have an analogy for it. “Yes, you achieved your goals, but you could have done better, more”. I heard a college football coach tell his team that, after they won the game.

  15. I have closed all three rings eight days in a row and did not get the Ring in the New Year award. It only requires seven days in a row. Is this a known issue with the challenge?

  16. I have gone over my 26 15 minute workouts. On my fitness app it shows 27 or 26 with no reward. My Apple Watch says 20 of 26. I’ve tried hard restarts and unpraring but nothing is working.


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