Apple Watch Stuck on Red Lightning Bolt? Here’s How To Fix It

Apple Watch Stuck on Red Lightning Bolt? Here’s How To Fix It

The red lightning bolt on your Apple Watch signifies a charging issue. When your watch can’t maintain a charge or charge up to a minimum level, it displays this icon.

Why Your Apple Watch Is Displaying a Red Lighting Bolt

Several factors might lead to this issue:

  1. Battery Depletion: If the watch hasn’t been charged for a long time, the battery might have depleted to a point where it needs a substantial initial charge to power up.
  2. Charging Equipment: Faulty or incompatible charging cables, bricks, or connections could hinder proper charging.
  3. New Watch or Storage Period: A brand-new Apple Watch or one that has been stored for an extended duration might have a completely drained battery.

How To Fix Apple Watch Not Charging Red Lightning Bolt

If you encounter the red lightning bolt issue with your Apple Watch, try these troubleshooting steps.

1. Forced Reboot

  1. Press and hold both the Digital Crown and the side button for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This often resolves the issue.

2. Try Different Charger

  1. Use an alternate charging cable and brick to rule out issues with the equipment. We recommend this Magnetic Fast Charging Cable.

3. Charging Techniques

  1. Charge your Apple Watch for an extended period—overnight or for several hours—to allow the battery to reach a sufficient charge level.
  2. Ensure you’re using a full, compatible charger rather than, for example, a MacBook charger.

4. Replace Faulty Equipment

  1. If changing the charging cable or brick helps, consider replacing faulty equipment.

5. Disable Power Reserve Mode

To preserve battery life, Apple Watch offers Power Reserve mode that lets users view time while disabling other features.

How to turn off Power Reserve mode:

  1. Press and hold the side button. Keep holding until you see the Apple Logo.
  2. Wait for your Apple Watch to restart.

In summary, the red lightning bolt icon on your Apple Watch is not a cause for concern. It simply indicates that the device needs to be charged or that it is in Power Reserve mode.