How to Fix HomePod Not Playing Music or iTunes Playlist

How to Fix HomePod Not Playing Music or iTunes Playlist

There is a reason why everyone is buying the Apple’s HomePod. It’s so they can combine accessibility and a powerful speaker together. With the HomePod, you can simply give a command such as, “Hey Siri, play [insert your favorite song]” or “Hey Siri, play my iTunes playlist”.

Once Siri picked up your command, the song you selected will start playing on your HomePod. It’s all sound amazing until the HomePod stopped working. In this case, won’t play any music.

Some people have already experienced this issue and it’s getting annoying when Siri on your HomePod return your request with a silent.

If Siri won’t play music on your HomePod

There are a few things you can do when music isn’t being played on your HomePod. It doesn’t matter if it’s a song or the entire iTunes playlist.

Remove HomePod from your iCloud

You should try removing the HomePod device out of your iCloud account and sign it back in using the Home app on the iPhone. Once that’s done, try playing some music on your HomePod.

Disable Hey Siri

Don’t worry, you will be able to turn her back on really soon. To turn off Hey Siri using your voice, just say, “Hey Siri, turn disable Hey Siri.”

Or you can go into the Home app and visit the Details screen of the HomePod, and switch the toggle for Listen for Hey Siri to off.

After a few minutes, you can switch it back on.

HomePod won’t play a particular album

Sometimes, HomePod would respond with silence after you request a specific album or playlist to be played on it. We have not found anything that will fix this problem yet, but you can try rebooting your HomePod and iPhone or iPad.

Secondly, check to see if your album and the tracks in it are uploaded onto iCloud Music Library.

In addition, you can reach out to Apple directly for live support.


If the HomePod is still not working or playing music, most people found it helpful to reset the device.

To reset your HomePod:

  1. Delete the HomePod from the Home app on your iPhone
  2. Disconnect your HomePod from the power outlet. Give it a few minutes and plug it back in
  3. Press the top button until you see the reset message

Once your HomePod has been reset, follow the on-screen instructions to set the HomePod up again. Hopefully, this time the problem has gone away.

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