How to Fix Login Failed. Try Again Later (30) in Everdale

How to Fix Login Failed. Try Again Later (30) in Everdale

Everdale is a brand new mobile game from Supercell, the same creator of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Everdale is currently in closed beta and only available in select countries.

If you’re one of the many who are lucky enough to be playing Everdale early but experiencing some login issues, here is how to fix it.

Some players are unable to log into their game right now. And this is the exact error they’re seeing:

Login Failed. Please try again later. (30)

There are several reasons behind this error. Usually, it has to do with your internet connection.

Solution #1: Reset your Wi-Fi network

Start by resetting your Wi-Fi network. Try to turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone, wait a few minutes, and turn it off. Wait for your iPhone to be connected to your internet again.

Additionally, you can also enable your cellular connection. In other words, if you have LTE or 4G data, you can try that to see if it makes a difference.

Solution #2: Restart your device

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Everdale on your iPhone or iPad. It would help if you tried to restart your device. This method can usually solve a lot of problems.

Solution #3: Disable VPN

Did you install Everdale from a non-supported country or region? The game is currently in beta and is not available to everyone. If you tried to download and install Everdale via a VPN or another App Store account, that might have something to do with the login issue in Everdale.

Turn off VPN on your device (if it’s still enabled), close the game entirely, and re-open it. I’m not sure if that will solve the issue, but it’s worth a try.

Solution #4: Uninstall the Game

Don’t panic; I’m not asking you to uninstall Everdale forever.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Everdale. You should delete the game from your iOS device and then go into the App Store and install it again.

Keep in mind, Everdale is still very early into its global release. Therefore, login issue like this one is common. If all of these solutions don’t work, it could be due to a problem with the Supercell game server.

You may try to log in again at a later time.

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