Nike Run Club Not Working on Apple Watch? Read This Guide!

Are you experiencing issues with the Nike Run Club app on your Apple Watch?

Many users have reported various problems, including runs not syncing, app crashes, and missing data.

In this blog post, we’ll address these issues and provide step-by-step solutions to help you get your Nike Run Club app working again on your Apple Watch.

Nike Run Club App Not Syncing with Apple Watch

I’ve also noticed that my Nike Run Club workouts don’t appear in the Activity app on my iPhone despite appearing in the Fitness and Health apps.

Additionally, the app doesn’t recognize run levels and is constantly crashing.

Solution: Restart Devices and Update App

  1. Ensure that the Nike Run Club app is up to date on both your Apple Watch and iPhone.
  2. Restart both your Apple Watch and iPhone. This can often clear up syncing issues and app crashes.
  3. If the problem persists, try deleting the Nike Run Club app from your iPhone, and then reinstall it. This may help resolve any underlying issues with the app’s installation.

Inability to Access Guided Runs Offline

Users have reported that they cannot access downloaded guided runs offline on the Nike Run Club app on their Apple Watch. Even though the guided runs are downloaded, the app displays a loading error message when attempting to access them without a Wi-Fi connection.

Solution: Workarounds for Accessing Guided Runs Offline

  1. Start your run close to Wi-Fi or your phone to pull up the guided run before tapping Start. This may allow the guided run to load and be available for offline use.
  2. If the guided run is already downloaded and displayed on the front page of the guided runs section, it should work without a connection. However, this workaround may have limitations in terms of available options.

Nike Run Club Data Disappearing on Apple Watch

There have been times when the run data disappeared from my Apple Watch after ending a run. The data briefly appears on the watch and then disappears, and the runs are not syncing to the Nike Run Club app on the iPhone.

Solution: Troubleshooting Steps for Run Data Disappearance

  1. Restart your Apple Watch and paired iPhone to see if the issue persists.
  2. Check for app and software updates on both the Apple Watch and iPhone.
  3. If the problem continues, consider unpairing and setting up your Apple Watch again.

App Not Tracking Runs Properly

Sometimes, your Nike Run Club app may not track your runs, leading to incorrect and missing data.

Solution: Troubleshooting Steps for Run Tracking Issues

  1. Delete the Nike Run Club app from your iPhone, close the app on your watch, and restart both devices before reinstalling the app.

Nike Run Club Keeps Crashing or Pausing

If you’re having trouble with your runs disappearing after pausing or stopping, there’s a chance you might have the “running auto-pause” feature enabled.

This can cause your runs to disappear from your activity log. To fix this problem, head to the Watch app and select “Workout.” From there, make sure that “running auto-pause” is turned off.

Additionally, you can try to reboot your watch by pressing and holding both buttons until the logo appears. Also, double-check that you haven’t disabled the “press crown to pause” workout feature by mistake.

Nike Run Club Is Lagging on Apple Watch

Another common issue is that the Nike Run Club can lag or reset for no reason during long runs.

If you’re training for a marathon, this can be a major problem.

I recommend deleting the Nike Run Club app from both your iPhone and Apple Watch. After that, reset your iPhone first and then your Apple Watch. Once done, reinstall the Nike Run Club app and check if it’s working properly.

GPS Issue With Nike Run Club

I recently installed the Nike Run Club app on my Apple Watch and tried to go for a run without my iPhone. However, the GPS didn’t seem to work at all, and no data was displayed on the map. Additionally, the recording time was ultimately off.

Fortunately, a few days later, I noticed that there was an update available for the Nike Run Club app in the App Store. After updating, the GPS issue was fixed, and I could track my runs accurately without my iPhone.

Apple Watch Nike+ watches will fully track your route using GPS — whether you run with your phone or not.

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  1. I did the delete and reinstall, but now all of my previous NRC workouts are gone from Apple activity and Apple health. Is there anyway to get them back?

  2. I also experience an incredible amount of crashing, delays and lack of responsiveness with this app. I’ve deleted, reset and reinstalled both on the phone and watch which helped only briefly. I’d love to hear of a real solution.

  3. This app sucks on the Apple Watch. About 1 out of 5 runs just disappears when using the watch and then acts like it’s still tracking from the watch when I check my iPhone log. MapMyRun is better all around but I haven’t tried it on the watch. I hate missing my weekly mile challenge which only counts GPS miles because their app messed up… also I run with both apps and the miles are off by .10 when compared to MapMyRun. It’s too bad the running contest at my job chose Nike Run Club to track results.

  4. The NRC app is not recording all of my runs and crashes in the middle of my runs. I ran 6 miles one day only to look down at my watch at the end and saw it only tracked 1 mile

  5. Hello!
    My NRC App doesn’t record the “my plan” runs when I’m on the treadmill. It was working fine for the first two weeks and I have the Apple 3 watch I was really excited about this app but now it’s just frustrating and disappointing. Going to delete it and I guess re-install it and try again.

  6. Does anybody experience this issue on the new Apple watch 4? I’ve just started using the NRC app on my apple watch Series 1 and the run is not showing on the mobile app, but has been stored in the Health app?

    Is is worth upgrading?

  7. Hi I have a new Apple 4 Nike watch. Crashing during runs. Stopping in middle of benchmark and not reminding me any more to run. Pretty disappointed!!!!! That’s why I bought watch.

  8. This is the most glitchy app ever. Runs disappear, it crashes, gps won’t work, times will be off. Plus it’s just getting worse. This app frustrates me to no end…

  9. I recently upgraded to the Apple watch 5 and decided I’d try the Nike run App. I’ve previously used Strava, MapMyRun, and most recently Runkeeper but was hoping NRC would be a little better than those. Sadly this app performs worse than all previous – the app doesn’t properly sync with the iphone, so runs are lost, distance is wrong, and data is not correctly shared with the health app. I’ve re-installed the app on both the watch and the iphone but same problems. I’ve had similar problems with Runkeeper but nothing to this level. Guess I’ll have to go back.

  10. I constantly get issue with the NRC software and keep badgering Nike software support. We paid our money for these products and should not have issues all the time. I was told every time they update the software you should remove it completely from you watch and reload it to get a clean copy. This is bad service as far as I am concerned and let them know.

  11. I have Apple Watch 3 (Not cellular) and iPhone 6S. I began a NRC run on the watch, but the sound didn’t go through my headset, just the watch this time. I also started an Apple Workout from the watch.
    When I finished the run and tapped the finished button both apps crashed and I lost all of the stats: had to guess and enter them manually.
    I usually start the NRC app on my phone, but hate how long it takes to put my phone away.
    Other runners in my crew said the same thing: it crashes at the end and we don’t get any stats.
    I’ll try reinstalling, but this is very frustrating. I really like the audio coaching here over MapMyRun and I deleted Runtastic after it changed to Adidas.

  12. Nike App is very frustrating, looses runs, doesn’t sync and overall sucks. It worked good for a while, I have iwatch nike plus 3….It started crashing during runs, loosing distance and now just vanishes after a run..I have re-paired my watch as I have before, we’ll see how that goes, With all of Nike’s money I dont understand why the3y can’t fix the problem.

  13. Here’s a suggestion. Don’t use Nike Run Club. If it can’t sync properly between the Apple Watch and the iPhone it’s not a useful app. They have a strategy to be integrated with the Apple Watch yet they fail on this business plan. They are pathetic.

  14. I’m doing the guided runs on the Nike run app. However despite it being part of the training plan I’m doing it’s not recording them in my marathon plan.
    So to mark off that I have done them I have to start it again and finish the work out early (having not completed it) so my runs/stats in the app dont show my actual runs.

    How can I fix this issue and have the guided runs record my run in my stats and training plan?


  15. I did a full 26.2 miles on my treadmill and the app recorded only 20.6 miles. I turned off auto pause but it still seems if my wrist is in a certain orientation, the app stops calculating distance. Any advise?


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