How to Fix Nike Run Club Not Working on Apple Watch

Although Nike Run Club is a great app that motivates people to start running, sometimes the app has issues that are discouraging to use. Apple Watch users have reported problems with the GPS being inaccurate, the Nike Run Club app crashes very often, and the data doesn’t sync properly with the Activity app.

This article will list some of the most widespread problems with the Nike Run Club app and potential fixes to help you combat these problems.

Nike Run Club keeps crashing or pausing during runs

Victoria Ayisa

Having a challenge with Nike + on Apple Watch. My runs are disappearing after I pause then stop the run. The runs are not appearing on activity log. Has anyone experienced this before? How can I retrieve my paused runs?

Sisi Colombato

Hi! New Apple Watch user here! Does anyone else use the Nike app on the Apple Watch?? I went for a run today and it stopped working about half along the run. This has never happened with my iPhone. Anyone know why this happens? Is there something wrong with the watch? Is there a way to see how much I actually ran?

Peter Gilchrist

Perhaps you have the “running auto pause” enabled. Watch app > workout. Rebooting the watch. Press and hold both buttons until the logo…Did you also disable the “press crown to pause” workout ? Maybe you cancelled it by mistake.

Jamie Galley

I’m training for a half marathon…I use the Nike app and Apple Watch series 2. Around 16-17 km in, my watch always pauses, or reset for no reason…does this happen on series 3 or 4? And I have a difficult time ending the run because it lags so bad…I would consider upgrading but I really hesitate that this will happen on the new models?

If you are having the same problem, I suggest doing the following:

  1. Delete the application from both iPhone and Apple Watch.
  2. Reset your iPhone first and then your Apple Watch.
  3. Re-install the Nike Run Club app.

GPS Issue with Nike Run Club

Richard Sanderson

So I’m having trouble with the accuracy of my Apple Watch Series 5 when I run, specifically the distance it tracks for me. Sorry about the long post in advance!

I bought my watch in April and used it a lot for running with no issues then after injury stopped me running, I started again in October. The same runs I used to do are now coming up short by a few hundred meters.

To check it, last night I tracked my run on my watch through the workouts app and on my phone through Nike Run Club. My watch said I’d completed 4.57km and my phone said 4.76km (which is what it always used to say). Tonight just using my watch on NRC it said I’d run 4.22km for exactly the same route.

Any idea what’s going on?

I have a screenshot of last night’s run and on Workouts it shows regular interruptions of the route being tracked, which would account for the shortfall. This is extremely frustrating because running is the reason I bought the watch. Can anyone help?

I have the Nike Run Club app installed on my Apple Watch. I attempted to go out for a run without my iPhone. The GPS doesn’t work at all. No data was displayed on the map, and recording time was ultimately off. A few days later, there was an update to the Nike Run Club app from the App Store, and this update indeed fixed the problem.

Apple Watch Nike+ watches will fully track your route using GPS — whether you run with your phone or not.

If you have any GPS problems on your Apple Watch when using the Nike Run Club, update it to the latest version.

Nike Run Club Doesn’t Sync with Apple Watch

Tommassi Santilli

Anyone know why my workout in the Nike run club hasn’t updated. I am in a challenge with my friends and it hasn’t updated today’s workout. During my walk I only had my Apple Watch on

Hugo Ferreira

Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone came across with this sync issue but my Nike Run Club has a workout that is not listed in the Activity app. How do you force the sync? It’s been 4h since the exercise was done but nothing happen. Thanks.

Melissa Keays

Does anyone use the Nike Run Club app and have problems getting it to update on the phone? Mine is showing yesterday’s run on my watch even though I refreshed both in the app and from the watch. Happens frequently, while other times it actually updates when I hit refresh.

Louise Rae

So I’ve decided that I can’t drag it out anymore and need to replace my Apple Watch series 2. It’s ridiculously slow and acting really weird – I used Nike Run Club today, finished the run but the data vanished, yet the distance is showing on the “Match It” option. I only use it for running and when I occasionally go out on my bike so think a series 3 will be what I need. It’s £199 from Apple directly, does anyone know of a better price?

Gianni Battista

You have to manually update sometimes. Click on the workout and it should say sync.

Apple Workout vs. Nike Run Club

Tilly Bulpitt

Which is better for running? The Apple Workout app or the Nike Run Club app?

Adam Cooper

I have a Nike + Watch gen 3… does anyone know if the built in Nike run app calibrates the watch when running outdoors like the Apple “workout” out does? I’ve kind of always just assumed it does because it utilizes GPS and records the same information, but I’ve never really thought about it till tonight?

Gene Stalnecker

The Apple app is the only one that can calibrate the watch or report VO2 Max readings. While they may record the same things, the Apple workouts have access to the core operating system. Note that in the calibration sheet it specifies to use either “Outdoor Run” or “Outdoor Walk” apps in the Workout App specifically, not “a” workout app which might imply others would work. I could be wrong, but I really think this is an internal function of the Watch looking at all documentation available.

Nike Run Club is missing from Apple Watch

David McCarley

The Nike Run Club app has been deleted off my iPhone Xs more times than I can remember. For some reason, it’s always back installed a few hours later. Anybody else experiencing this or have any idea how to stop it? (I have an Apple Watch 4, but don’t use the Nike app on either device)

Scott Burke

Ok, seriously, can somebody please tell me why I can’t get the Nike Run Club app back on my Apple Watch, it says it’s installed but won’t let me add it to where I can go on my watch and select it to use it, I really use the crap outta this and need to get it back on there. Thanks

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  1. I did the delete and reinstall, but now all of my previous NRC workouts are gone from Apple activity and Apple health. Is there anyway to get them back?

  2. I also experience an incredible amount of crashing, delays and lack of responsiveness with this app. I’ve deleted, reset and reinstalled both on the phone and watch which helped only briefly. I’d love to hear of a real solution.

  3. This app sucks on the Apple Watch. About 1 out of 5 runs just disappears when using the watch and then acts like it’s still tracking from the watch when I check my iPhone log. MapMyRun is better all around but I haven’t tried it on the watch. I hate missing my weekly mile challenge which only counts GPS miles because their app messed up… also I run with both apps and the miles are off by .10 when compared to MapMyRun. It’s too bad the running contest at my job chose Nike Run Club to track results.

  4. The NRC app is not recording all of my runs and crashes in the middle of my runs. I ran 6 miles one day only to look down at my watch at the end and saw it only tracked 1 mile

  5. Hello!
    My NRC App doesn’t record the “my plan” runs when I’m on the treadmill. It was working fine for the first two weeks and I have the Apple 3 watch I was really excited about this app but now it’s just frustrating and disappointing. Going to delete it and I guess re-install it and try again.

  6. Does anybody experience this issue on the new Apple watch 4? I’ve just started using the NRC app on my apple watch Series 1 and the run is not showing on the mobile app, but has been stored in the Health app?

    Is is worth upgrading?

  7. Hi I have a new Apple 4 Nike watch. Crashing during runs. Stopping in middle of benchmark and not reminding me any more to run. Pretty disappointed!!!!! That’s why I bought watch.

  8. This is the most glitchy app ever. Runs disappear, it crashes, gps won’t work, times will be off. Plus it’s just getting worse. This app frustrates me to no end…

  9. I recently upgraded to the Apple watch 5 and decided I’d try the Nike run App. I’ve previously used Strava, MapMyRun, and most recently Runkeeper but was hoping NRC would be a little better than those. Sadly this app performs worse than all previous – the app doesn’t properly sync with the iphone, so runs are lost, distance is wrong, and data is not correctly shared with the health app. I’ve re-installed the app on both the watch and the iphone but same problems. I’ve had similar problems with Runkeeper but nothing to this level. Guess I’ll have to go back.

  10. I constantly get issue with the NRC software and keep badgering Nike software support. We paid our money for these products and should not have issues all the time. I was told every time they update the software you should remove it completely from you watch and reload it to get a clean copy. This is bad service as far as I am concerned and let them know.

  11. I have Apple Watch 3 (Not cellular) and iPhone 6S. I began a NRC run on the watch, but the sound didn’t go through my headset, just the watch this time. I also started an Apple Workout from the watch.
    When I finished the run and tapped the finished button both apps crashed and I lost all of the stats: had to guess and enter them manually.
    I usually start the NRC app on my phone, but hate how long it takes to put my phone away.
    Other runners in my crew said the same thing: it crashes at the end and we don’t get any stats.
    I’ll try reinstalling, but this is very frustrating. I really like the audio coaching here over MapMyRun and I deleted Runtastic after it changed to Adidas.

  12. Nike App is very frustrating, looses runs, doesn’t sync and overall sucks. It worked good for a while, I have iwatch nike plus 3….It started crashing during runs, loosing distance and now just vanishes after a run..I have re-paired my watch as I have before, we’ll see how that goes, With all of Nike’s money I dont understand why the3y can’t fix the problem.

  13. Here’s a suggestion. Don’t use Nike Run Club. If it can’t sync properly between the Apple Watch and the iPhone it’s not a useful app. They have a strategy to be integrated with the Apple Watch yet they fail on this business plan. They are pathetic.

  14. I’m doing the guided runs on the Nike run app. However despite it being part of the training plan I’m doing it’s not recording them in my marathon plan.
    So to mark off that I have done them I have to start it again and finish the work out early (having not completed it) so my runs/stats in the app dont show my actual runs.

    How can I fix this issue and have the guided runs record my run in my stats and training plan?


  15. I did a full 26.2 miles on my treadmill and the app recorded only 20.6 miles. I turned off auto pause but it still seems if my wrist is in a certain orientation, the app stops calculating distance. Any advise?


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