How to Fix Twitter Not Working on Apple Watch

How to Fix Twitter Not Working on Apple Watch

The Twitter app for Apple Watch is relatively easy to use. It allows you to read tweets from your Timeline, look through the Trending tab, instantly notify you of new followers, and of course, the ability to compose a tweet.

To better fits in with your Apple Watch, the Twitter app can also detect your current playing song and prepare a pre-set message for you to tweet out. Also, it comes with a smart notification system and a Top Trends tab.

While these features are great on our Apple Watch, what’s the use for them if the Twitter app itself can’t even function correctly? Many users have reported that Twitter is not loading on their Apple Watch, the app constantly crashing, and bugs often arise while they’re exploring their timelines.

A few error codes I came across:

Your credentials do not allow access to this resource.

Tweets aren’t loading right now

Rate limits exceeded

In this tutorial, I’ll put together some fixes to help you get Twitter to work again, once and for all.

How to Fix Twitter Problems on your Apple Watch

Before we begin, I just want to let you know that the methods below are not in order. Feel free to quickly skim through the post to see if you’ve applied any similar steps. If you’ve, move on to the next one.

Also, have you tried these basic solutions?

  • Restart your Apple Watch
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi network and turn it back on
  • Unpair and re-pair

If Twitter still doesn’t work on your Apple Watch, then we may have a serious problem.

Reinstall the app

This has got to be the most common way to fixing issues with applications from the App Store.

To delete Twitter from your Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on My Watch
  3. Go through the list of apps and select Twitter
  4. Disable the option called Show App on Apple Watch

We also advise that you remove the app from your iPhone as well. After that, reinstall Twitter on both devices.

Log out of Twitter

Even though you can’t log out of Twitter or switch to another account from your watch, you can do so on your iPhone. In addition to reinstalling the app, you can remove your current Twitter account from both devices.

Wait a few minutes and then log back in. The account on your iPhone will sync with the Apple Watch.

Check for update from the App Store

As obvious as it sounds, this step is still very crucial. Some people may have turned off Automatic Update for their App Store. As a result, your Twitter might be out of date. Open the App Store on your iPhone and see if there is a newer update for Twitter. If there is one, proceed to get the latest version.

Quick Note:

I don’t know about older watches, but Twitter hasn’t been working for users who recently purchased the Apple Watch Series 3 or updated to watchOS 4. If you’re within this group, the app won’t work for most of the time. Just wait for an update from the App Store, I’m sure it’s coming.

Anyways, I hope this tutorial helped you. Feel free to comment down below if you have any other suggestions.

Twitter App Removed From Apple Watch, for Good?

It looks like the latest Twitter update for iOS no longer comes with support for the Apple Watch. A Reddit user noted earlier that Twitter updated their app today and no more compatibility for the watch.

Let’s hope that they pulled the companion app to fix some of the bugs that we talked about earlier in this post. If you can’t live without checking your Twitter every once in awhile, check out some of its clients such as Twitterrific.

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