Get the Most Out of Your iPhone with these new iOS 12 Features

iOS 12 is here with a ton of great new features and improvements to make your iPhone more useful than ever. While some of these improvements are under the hood and will make your phone run faster without you having to do anything but download the update, others you can tweak to get the best possible experience from your phone.

Here are a few of the new iOS settings you can play with to get the best possible experience from your iPhone.

Do Not Disturb

Sometimes efficiency is more about stemming the flow of information coming through your phone than responding to all of it. This is where the improved Do Not Disturb function comes into play. When the Do Not Disturb function originally debuted on iOS, it was limited to a simple on/off switch in the control panel. Now you can schedule it to kick in a specific time each day, letting you decide ahead of time when to set down your phone and focus other priorities.

In addition, you can now determine which types of notifications can get through your Do Not Disturb function. While calls are always allowed you can decide whether updates from services such as social media or news apps will notify you.

Grouped Notifications

Borrowing a popular feature from Android devices, your notifications are now grouped by category instead of presented in a long, linear stream. This lets you scan through the information being presented by your phone at a glance as opposed to scrolling through pages of notifications.

You can also determine what type of notifications are displayed in different areas. By accessing your settings you can either turn off delivery of notifications or set them to deliver quietly, in which case they will be presented on the notification center and but not the lock screen.


Siri’s functionality has been enhanced with the addition of suggested responses based on your previous reactions to various notifications. Siri will suggest responding to texts, returning calls or even scheduling events.

Where Siri’s suggestions are presented is also up to you. By going to your Siri & Search icon in the settings panel you can decide whether Siri’s suggestions will be presented in Search, Look Up or on the Lock Screen.

In addition, you can now set up voice shortcuts for Siri. By setting up specific voice shortcuts you can quick launch Uber if you need a car or Tile if you’ve misplaced your keys.


iOS 12 includes new password functions to help you secure your accounts and keep track of the various passwords associated with them. Any password save to your iPhone will now auto fill both the username and password when you access the account.

All of your passwords are saved in your settings for easy reference at any time. In addition, your Mac and iPhone can share passwords when they are in the immediate vicinity of one another.

Another welcome security feature was added for iPhone X users, although it requires a little digging to find. By accessing the settings for your face ID you can now set up an alternate facial profile, helping you get into your phone with a little less confusion if you like to switch your style up.

All in all, iOS 12 is a welcome step forward for the iPhone and all of Apple’s products utilized the operating system. With implementing just a few of these changes you can tailor your experience with your device to fit the demands of your day perfectly.

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