Several Super Mario Run Hacks Made Available for iOS Devices

Several Super Mario Run Hacks Made Available for iOS Devices

Super Mario Run is one of those few iOS games that actually enforces a lot of rules within their app.

So far, we know that it require an absolute internet connection to play. Earlier today, I downloaded the game, and it crashed upon opening.

I then realized that it has built-in jailbreak detection. If you have that issue right now, head over to this post to learn how to bypass it.

Recently, a user from iOSGods forum posted a tutorial how to get unlimited lives and bubbles in Super Mario Run. Additionally, this hack doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device.

Of course, the jailbroken version was also made available for those interested.

This hack was compiled into a .deb package and require you to install it on your own. But don’t worry, the process is similar to how you usually install any external packages from Safari.

Here’s a simple cheat for Super Mario Run

  1. Go to Cydia and install iFile
  2. Open your Safari browser and click here
  3. Look for “Open in…” and choose iFile
  4. You will be redirected to the app, now select Installer
  5. Respring your iPhone or iPad
  6. Go to the Settings app > Super Mario Run cheat
  7. From there, enable the features you want and open the game.

We do not recommend users to use such hack at all the time; I think it’s cool to know that Nintendo didn’t bring any in-app purchase to the game so let’s be grateful for that.

Only use this hack for testing purposes.

What about the Non-Jailbroken device?

Unfortunately, this method is only available if you have a premium subscription at iOSGods. For now, you can head over there and purchase one.

We’re finding another way that doesn’t require our readers to spend a single dime. Feel free to wait and follow this post for further updated information.

Super Mario Run Speed Hack

Another hack was posted, this time on YouTube that shows how you can instantly speed up in the game or substantially slow down. Either way will work depending on your scenario such as having more or less time to play.

Again, this one also requires a jailbroken device; you can check out the video guide below.

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