How To Block Unknown Callers On iPhone – Say Goodbye To SPAM Calls!

I remember a time when cell phones never got spam calls and I didn’t have to wonder how to block unknown callers on iPhone!  Your cell phone number was only given to people you actually wanted to call you.  Fast forward a few years to a time when most households only have cell phones and the landlines have been disconnected, spammers have gotten ahold of our precious cell numbers.

How To Block Unknown Callers On iPhone

Because of this, we have been looking for ways to block spam calls from getting through on our cell phones for the last couple of years.  Up until recently, the only option was to install a third-party app like RoboKiller (which comes with a yearly cost and a hilarious call recording option).  

Unfortunately, even with RoboKiller installed, it seems more and more of these unwanted calls have been slipping through the call filter and leaving me to wonder if I dare answer the call that looks like it could be a local number.

I’ll be honest, it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t even answer a call anymore unless it is a number I can guarantee I know!  Which basically means the caller is in my contacts list. 

Otherwise, they are sent to my voicemail, where they are politely notified that I won’t likely listen to the voicemail, but they are welcomed to text if they really want to get ahold of me.  

Ok, I know that isn’t very professional!  I’m thinking about changing it now that my iPhone has this new setting to block all unknown callers.  Because I know that there will be more people I actually DO want to talk to slipping through the cracks now.

The Answer We’ve All Been Waiting For – iPhone Unknown Call Blocker

Thanks to the iPhone iOS 13 update we’ve been blessed with a simple way to finally block all unknown callers from getting through! 

With this new phone setting, we can make it so that any caller who is coming from a number that is not recognized as either a contact or recently called number will be completely bypassed.

If a call is “unknown” it will not ring, vibrate, or otherwise interrupt you when it is coming through.

Instead, that call will be routed directly to your voicemail.  There, the caller can let you know why you should call them back.

Once the unknown call has gone to voicemail it will show up as a missed call in your call log and then you will also see a voicemail notification.  But, no ring!  

Previously, our only option was to turn on Do Not Disturb and that isn’t always a great option.

How To Block Unknown Callers On iPhone – Step By Step Setup

Are you ready to stop getting all of those annoying spam calls on your iPhone?  Me too!  Let’s get this set up together.

Step 1 – In your iPhone go to Settings > Phone (this is in the section just above the individual app settings)

iPhone Phone Settings To Block Unknown Callers Step 1

Step 2 – Scroll to the “Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts” section and turn ON the “Silence Unknown Callers” toggle.

By doing this, “Calls from unknown numbers will be silenced, sent to voicemail, and displayed on the Recents list.  

Incoming calls will continue to ring from people in your contacts, recent outgoing calls, and Siri Suggestions.”

Turn on Setting for Unknown Call Blocking

You’re All Set Up For Unknown Call Blocking Now

That’s it!  Now, when someone calls you that you do not know (by having them in your contacts) they will no longer interrupt your day by having your phone ring audibly (or vibrating if on silent).  

I am so thankful that Apple finally released something like this.  I have been so frustrated lately due to so many spam calls every single day.  It had gotten to the point where I rarely wanted to have my ringer on at all.  

Now, I finally feel like I can have the freedom to leave my ringer on and not dread it being a sales call on the other end!

Reasons You May NOT Want To Set Up Unknown Call Blocking

I’ve seen a few people express concerns about turning this spam blocking feature on.  I get it.  There can be reasons why you may want to have EVERY call come through!

  1. You are waiting for an important call.
  2. You use your phone for potential business calls.

If you find there are reasons why you do not feel comfortable blocking all unknown calls, there are a few solutions.

First, you can turn this setting OFF at any time you are expecting a call from someone you wouldn’t normally be hearing from.

Second, you can save the number or call the number you are expecting to hear from.

If your phone is for business and you are always answering it whether you know the number or not, then this setting is not necessarily for you.

I think this setting is really for those of us who never answer an unknown call to begin with, so it’s just saving a step really.

I figure the worst-case scenario is an important call goes through as unannounced and then they have to leave a voicemail.  But, really, that would happen if I missed the call simply by having the phone in the other room or not hearing it or something.  

What have you decided to do about how to block unknown callers on iPhone?  Have you turned on this setting or are you using something else?

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