How To Check for Low/High/Peak Cardio Rate on Your Apple Watch

When I record my exercise on the Apple Watch, how can I easily see which part was low/high/peak cardio rate – it was self explanatory on my Fitbit and I just can’t understand the stats easily – am I missing something?

How to Check Cardio Rate on your Apple Watch

  1. On your phone open the Activity app.
  2. Under workouts tap show more.
  3. Select the date you want to look at and it will show the details of time, distance, elevation, heart rate and map etc.

In addition to using the Apple Watch I have Adidas Running app (which I don’t need to open while exercising as the data syncs from Apple Health to it). It has the intensity maps showing in more detail.

I also have an app called HeartWatch that shows fat/cardio/peak levels. I bought it with AutoSleep but it can be separate too. Both are great apps, 1 time fee and think they are well worth the small price. Here is a screenshot of what it shows.

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