How to Delete Songs From iPhone

One of the iPhone’s greatest features is its ability to manage and play music from your collection. Though iPhones can store large amounts of data, you still may find yourself needing to free up space if you own a smaller-capacity device. Maybe you are simply not as married to certain songs as you once were. Luckily, knowing how to delete songs from iPhone can go a long way towards cleaning up your music library.

In the following guide, we will show you how to quickly and easily clear some unwanted songs from your devices.

How to Delete Songs From iPhone: Using the Music App

One of the fastest ways to delete unwanted songs from your device is through iOS’ native Music app. Thankfully, newer versions of iOS have incorporated library management options allowing for quick user actions. There are two simple ways to delete songs in the Music app:

Using 3D Touch

In terms of efficiency, 3D Touch enabled devices have an advantage when it comes to deleting music. To delete a song from your iPhone, locate the first song you would like to remove, and force touch the song:

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Using 3D Touch by hard pressing on the desired song opens a menu. From here, tap Delete From Library. The Music app will ask you to confirm your choice. Finish removing the song by pressing Delete Song. This will delete the song from your Music app, and your device.

For Non-3D Touch Devices

Although learning how to delete songs from iPhone takes a couple of extra steps on non-3D Touch devices, the process is still quite easy:

1. Launch the Music app and navigate to your songs list. Locate the first song you want to delete from your device.

2. Tap the song to begin playback, which will display in the “now playing” bar near the bottom of the screen. Tap this bar to bring up the full-sized media player.

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3. Near the bottom right of the player, tap the three-dot menu. This will open the song menu. Choose “Delete From Library”.

4. The Music app will ask you to confirm your selection. Do so by tapping “Delete Song.” Just like that, the song will be removed from your device.

Thanks for reading! Now you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to quickly manage your iPhone’s music library.

If you prefer managing your library using iTunes, please read here.

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