How to Fix Apple Watch Series 6 Auto-Unlock Mac Not Working

I always use my Apple Watch Series 6 to auto-unlock my Macbook Pro. This feature recently stopped working. After some investigation, I discovered that the option had been disabled on my MBP. When I went to turn it on, I got the message “Your Apple Watch must be signed in to iCloud to allow it to unlock your Mac.

Of course, the Apple Watch is already logged in. I came across a thread that suggested re-pairing the watch. It did not work. I came across a post that recommended removing all of the auto-lock keys from the keychain. It did not work. Are there any other ideas?

Solution 1: Sign out of iCloud from all your devices

I’ve had this issue before. And I’ve tried a few different solutions, but I think the best one is to sign out, turn off iCloud on the watch and Macbook Pro, and then sign back in. Of course, make sure you’re using the same account and password. It’s not a bad idea to turn off and restart both devices. I can tell you from personal experience that doing a combination of these things got it working again.

Solution 2: Check for Security Settings on your Macbook

I’m assuming you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on your Mac. And have you tried changing your security and privacy settings, as well as disabling the use of Apple Watch to unlock apps on your Mac? Once you re-adjust the security settings on your Macbook, reboot it and re-enable the setting.

Also, try to reset both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the two devices, it’s looks like a bug of sorts.

Solution 3: Update watchOS and macOS to the latest version

This could be the software on your Apple Watch as well and MacBook. Go the Settings app and update them both and see the outcome.

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