How To Fix Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular From Verizon Not Working

Some users (including myself) are having trouble setting up the Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular) purchased from Verizon. The issue reported being that the cellular strength green dots on the watch is missing.

Documentation suggests I should see this when my iPhone X is not nearby or is off. The local Verizon store had no idea what the solution was. The Apple support screen chat-person suggested my watch was not set up correctly, the Verizon staff member says it is.

In addition, an Apple employee asked me to call a friend using the watch and see what phone number appeared on the friend’s screen (while my iPhone was off). Although it was the same number as my iPhone, the Apple employee stated that what should be displayed is my separate number assigned to the watch. According to Verizon employees, this is incorrect; a person’s caller ID should display the number assigned to the phone (even when the phone is turned off), not the number assigned to the watch.

Your Apple Watch shouldn’t have the different phone number

I have Verizon and am setting up my watch as a mirror line not a new number so I don’t know why Apple says it should show up as a different number.

Turn off the Wi-Fi on your Apple Watch

The green-dot cellular signal strength issue that Verizon and Apple could not solve is because not only does the user have to have the iPhone off/out of range, but ALSO the watch must have Wi-Fi turned off (or not be connected to any in range). The penny eventually dropped.

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  1. I set mine up with the same number as well, now there is a different number on my actual account with Verizon. The customer service rep has yet to explain why that is. Another problem that I have is why my Series 7 Watch with cellular does NOT display the cellular signal strength as described in Apple documentation when the watch is used with iPhone off.


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