How to get Disney Plus for Free on your iPhone

How to get Disney Plus for Free on your iPhone

Over a year ago Disney announced its very own streaming service. The long-awaited release of that streaming service, known as Disney plus (Disney+) has finally come. Now that it’s here, the question is how to afford it? Well, there are some free options, and if you are a Verizon customer, or willing to switch you can get Disney Plus free for one entire year. Yes, you read that right.  An easy and quick way to get Disney Plus streaming service for free.

More than long enough to watch every Marvel movie, multiple times.

How To Get Disney Plus Free With Verizon

To get Disney plus free with Verizon you have to have one of their unlimited plans. Unlike most deals, if you already have one of those plans you just have to sign up for Disney Plus and you automatically get it for a year.

The good news, you don’t even need to get on a computer to do it. It’s so simple to get Disney Plus free with Verizon I was able to do the entire thing on my iPhone.

Step 1: Go to and sign in.

From that page, they are currently advertising “Get Disney+”

How To Get Disney Plus Free With Verizon

Step 2: Once you have signed in click on manage add-ons & apps.

Disney Plus Free For Verizon Unlimited Subscribers

Step 3: Find Disney+, right now as you can imagine it’s first on the page. The description says that Disney+ is on us, for the first year.

Step 4: Click “Get Disney+”, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click “Confirm”

Step 5: Create your Disney+ account

Step 6: Get your favorite movie food, mine is pizza, and enjoy.

Don’t have Verizon, now would be a good time to switch. Especially if you are going to get Disney Plus anyway as this deal will save you almost $100.

2 More Ways To Get Disney Plus For Free

If you don’t use Verizon and don’t want to switch your wireless service you’re not lost, there are other ways to get Disney Plus for free.

Free Trial: The simplest way is the free trial that Disney+ offers. This trial is good for 1 week. If you’re like most people you get most of your binge-watching in on the weekends, so I wouldn’t start the trial till Friday.

A week of free Disney+ may not seem like much, but it will give you enough time to see if you enjoy the shows enough to pay full price.

Stop Another Service: By now you have likely 2 to 4 streaming services and getting one more just seems like way too much anyway. Especially if you want to save money by not having cable. But, if you consider what shows you actually watch, you can likely get rid of one whole service.

For us, that service is CBS all access. We watch maybe 1 show on there, so it makes sense to get rid of that in place of another. Though I got Disney Plus free for a year with Verizon, so I don’t have to make that choice for another year.

How Good Is Disney Plus Really?

Once you get your free Disney Plus service what can you watch? Isn’t it just Disney shows and movies?

Yes, but Disney owns so many shows and movies that you can no doubt find something.

Every single Marvel movie ever made.

Yes all of them.

Every Star Wars, Pixar, Disney,  and National Geographic TV show, movie, or documentary.

In addition to having all of that, something that makes Disney+ stand above all other streaming services are the “extras”.

One of the reasons people continue to buy DVD and Blue Rays are because of the extras that come along with them. With Disney+, you get those extras. Things like deleted scenes, commentaries, making of, and behind the scenes. That alone is worth the price, even more so if you get it free with Verizon for 1 year.

In addition to the movies and shows, you would expect Disney+ also has some originals.

Lady and the Tramp the TV show, Star Wars The Mandalorian, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and so much more. With more in the works in the coming weeks, months, and years.

With all the shows it can seem a bit overwhelming, and you want to see the trailers. Unfortunately, Disny+ doesn’t make it easy to find. The trailers are in the “extras” section of the show.

Enjoy Disney Plus For One Year Free

The long-awaited Disney+ is finally here. It is as great as we all thought it would be, and you can get Disney+ free with Verizon today for the next year.

So, grab your favorite snacks, and enjoy.

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